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  • Cornucopia Express

    a veterinarian who created pet food that he claimed could extend a pet’s life

  • CityKitty


    toilet training product for cats

  • No Fly Cone

    a fly trap that uses dog excrement as bait

  • Ryan’s Barkery

    Ryan's Barkery Healthy Dog Treats

    Have a pet you love, but dislike the treats out there in the market? Ryan’s Barkery, now known as Ry’s Ruffery bakes healthy and fresh dog treats. Perfect for any sized dog, Ry’s Ruffery Healthy Dog Treats come in an assortment of flavors such as Cheddar, Peanut Butter and Pumpkin-Apple. Serve your dog something special with Ry’s Ruffery Dog Treats.

  • Kane & Couture


    designer dog apparel and accessories

  • PetPaint

    PetPaint is colored hairspray for your dog. Color him up for the big game, holiday event and more. It’s safe and rigorously tested. It’s the safest alternative to dog costumes and dog clothing, Veterinarian approved. The paint dries quickly within 20-30 seconds and can easily be washed off with mild shampoo and water.

  • Heart Pup Dog Carrier


    Heart Pup is a fashionable, convenient and wearable scarf sling made from Italian cashmere wool. The dog sling comes with ergonomic wide knit fabric straps on both shoulders and holds your pet handsfree up to 26 pounds. With a Heart Pup dog carrier, take your best animal friend out and about with you where ever you go.

  • Priority One Canine

    Ever wished you could have a bodyguard to protect you and your loved ones? Priorty One Canine offers professionally trained canine bodyguards. The dogs are not simply guard dogs but are well-trained family pets.

  • TurboPup K9 Energy Bars

    Fuel your dog with TurboPup K9 Energy Bars. Healthy, human grade, all natural and grain-free, TurboPup is the go-to on the go treat for your pup. The Dog energy bar is a complete meal replacement and full of premium ingredients in one compact bar. TurboPup is a delightful, dog-approved pet food perfect for when you are out on a day hike, camping or an extended trip.

  • Fresh Patch


    Fresh Patch is real grass and the perfect training solution for your new puppy. Alternative to the traditional pee pad, Fresh Patch uses natural grass, grabbing you pet’s instinctive attention. Fresh Patch is full disposable, requiring no emptying, cleaning or disinfecting. Since it’s real grass here, it naturally absorbs urine and controls odors. It’s also very convenient, eco-friendly and very much affordable. Get your Fresh Patch today!

  • Himalayan Dog Chew


    Originally created from an ancient Himalayan recipe, Himalayan Dog Chew are hard cheese snacks made of Yak and Cow Milk editable for all sized dogs. Containing all natural products and no preservatives, Himalayan Dog Chews are a healthy, high quality dog chew sure to give your pet plenty of eating entertainment.

  • iCPooch


    It’s hard to travel when you have a lovable puppy at home, especially when he/she cannot come along for the journey. Now there is a way to communicate and interact with your puppy while being states away. Introducing iCPooch, an innovative way to not only chat with your puppy, but also dispense treats for him/her.

  • Gato Cafe

    Gato Cafe is an idea that comes to the Shark Tank to pitch a cafe full of cats. If you love cats, and there are many of you, and you want to go out to eat and be surrounded by them, well Gato Cafe is an idea you may love. Looking to open their first location Gato Cafe is still in the funding stage and was recently on IndieGoGo.

  • Innovation Pet


    Innovation Pet creates upscale, modular designed pet play things, and pens.

  • Wondercide


    Wondercide makes non-toxic alternatives to chemical pesticides used on pets, people, and property – like flea and tick spray, insect repellant, and other solutions.

  • PrideBites


    Custom blankets, beds, collars, toys, and even clothes for your favorite dog – stop dragging your dog around without any clothes!