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  • CoatChex

    a ticket-less coat checking system

  • Bev Buckle


    a belt buckle which serves as a beverage holder

  • Body Walking

    massage service which operates as masseuse standing on client

  • Buggy Beds


    bed bug glue traps

  • SurfSet Fitness


    surfing-inspired exercise equipment

  • Alpha M

    a how to dress for success DVD series for men

  • eCreamery

    eCreamery Online Custom Ice Cream and Gelato Shop

    eCreamery is an online custom ice cream and gelato shop where you choose your own flavor, mix-ins, packaging and even right down to the name of the Ice Cream itself. With eCreamery, you do not have to rely on your resident Ice Cream Man. Now you can have it delivered right to your door. Send it to a friend or relative as a birthday gift, get well gift, as a congratulations for that job promotion and more.

  • CATEapp


    a smartphone app that hides messages from certain contacts

  • Liz Lovely Cookies

    gluten free, vegan cookies

  • Rock Bands


    healing stones you wear on a bracelet

  • FuzziBunz

    According to, in one year your newborn baby with go through over 2700 diapers. If you have twins like myself, that’s over 5,000 diapers (not an exaggeration) in one year alone. Whoa. With fuzzibunz you’re choosing the opposite of this. Cloth diapers that are both comfortable and economical.

  • Posture Now


    Many of us are culprit to slouching or maintaining bad posture. We now have a solution that knocks out this bad habit. The world’s leading posture trainer, the Posture Now is a wearable brace that acts as an effective guide and posture helper. By using this brace for as little as 10-30 minutes a day, it is 100% guaranteed to improve and train yourself for a lifetime of permanent good posture.

  • Lifter Hamper

    a clothes hamper that raises as you empty it to ease bending over

  • Back 9 Dips


    chicken flavored dip

  • Bag Bowl


    a sleeve that converts zip-lock bags into temporary bowls

  • Zomm

    Zomm is an award winning key chain device for convenience, safety and security. Utilizing bluetooth technology, Zomm connects to your mobile smart phone and makes for seamless emergency connectivity. It makes for a good leash as well as an alarm rings when you’ve lost or left your phone behind.