Products of Shark Tank was inspired out of pure fandom of the television show. The entrepreneurs, the pitches, the the unique showmanship of our favorite investors and most of all the unique products is what drew us in. One day in late 2014 when browsing the web for some Shark Tank products, I discovered there really was not a substantial, ‘product dedicated’ Shark Tank website out there. Having an E-Commerce Web Development background, this intrigued me and inspired me to make the move. In early Dec, 2014, Products of Shark Tank was born.

My first taste of success came during the first brand new episode of Shark Tank since the website had been launched. It was the episode before the holiday hiatus. Being the Google Analytics geek that I am, I kept an eye on the website statistics in real-time mode. Just as one specific product bathed in the airwaves (the Q-Flex Acupressure), the traffic JUMPED with vigor. As soon as the ladies of Q-Flex accepted a deal from Mark Cuban, BOOM! The website traffic went wild. From that moment on, I knew my hard work had paid off and that I was on to something here.

Here you’ll find every product ever featured on the show. From Season 1 and the Kevin Harrington days to the current, Products of Shark Tank is your best resource for Shark Tank Products. We maintain all products by season, by episode, by shark investors and by product type. We keep track of everything from product information, product images, original air dates, to Shark Tank investment overviews and much much more!

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