TurboPup K9 Energy Bars

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Fuel your dog with TurboPup K9 Energy Bars. Healthy, human grade, all natural and grain-free, TurboPup is the go-to on the go treat for your pup. The Dog energy bar is a complete meal replacement and full of premium ingredients in one compact bar. TurboPup is a delightful, dog-approved pet food perfect for when you are out on a day hike, camping or an extended trip.

TurboPup K9 Energy Bars Shark Tank Pitch

Entrepreneurs   Kristina Guerrero
Deal Proposed   $100,000 for 20%
Deal Reached?   No  Yes

La Pine couple going on 'Shark Tank'

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La Pine couple going on 'Shark Tank'

Kristina Guerrero's TurboPup Is 'Fuel For Your Dog'

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About TurboPup K9 Meal Bars

Crafted by Air Force Veteran and founder, Kristina (also known as Turbo) and inspired by her rescue dog Dunkan just after returning from Iraq deployment.

K9 Energy Bars Are 100% American Sourced

TurboPUP believes in supporting the local economy and ensuring the highest quality for our dog food ingredients. Unlike many dog food companies, who go so far as to order ingredients from China, put it together in the US, and call it ‘American-made,’ TurboPUP is committed to sourcing all ingredients from the United States. TurboPUP is proudly Veteran owned. 

100% Human Grade Ingredients

Have you ever wondered about the statement “fit for animal consumption?” We haven’t…At TurboPUP, premium ingredients are standard. TurboPUP bars are manufactured with 100% human grade ingredients, in a human grade facility.

Can you eat it?  I’m not sure your TurboPUP would approve…

100% Grain Free

To ensure a safe transition on sensitive stomachs, TurboPUP uses 100% grain-free ingredients to ensure TurboPUP is interchangeable with regular dog food. When you and your dog are on an adventure, know your dog is safe, fueled and stoked that you’re using TurboPUP!

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