The Beebo

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The Beebo is a new hands-free way to bottle feed your baby, improving feeding and giving freeing your hands to eat, read, or just scratch your nose.

The Beebo Shark Tank Pitch

Entrepreneurs   Martin Hill
Deal Proposed   $200K for 15%
Deal Reached?   Yes  Yes
Shark Investor(s)  Ashton Kutcher and Lori Greiner
Deal Agreement  $200K for 30%

The Beebo (Shark Tank - Season 7 Episode 1)

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The Beebo (Shark Tank - Season 7 Episode 1)

The Master Of Hands Free Bottlefeeding | Shark Tank | CNBC Prime

Beebo Review - What is it? - Shark Tank - Great Baby Shower Gift Idea For Bottle Feeding Moms

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