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Hot Product! Apparently, we’ve been going to the bathroom all wrong! As ridiculous as it sounds, bad toilet posture negatively affects your health (consitipation, hemorroids, bloating, IBS, etc.). Use the toilet right with Squatty Potty for fast and easy elimination. Ecco and Tao Bamboo are available in both 7″ and 9″ sizes.

Squatty Potty Shark Tank Pitch

Entrepreneurs   Robert & Judy Edwards
Deal Proposed   $350,000 for 5%
Deal Reached?   Yes  Yes
Shark Investor(s)  Lori Greiner
Deal Agreement  $350,000 for 10%

Squatty Potty - Shark Tank Update

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Squatty Potty - Shark Tank Update

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Why Am I Always Constipated? Bad bowel movements? Poop Better With Squatty Potty

As humans, we are designed to squat. Modernization in toilets has contributed to ailments such as constipation, IBS, Hemorrhoids, bloating, Colon Disease, Pelvic Floor Issues, Bladder Problems, Straining and more. Get better bowel movements today! Designed to fit under your toilet, Squatty potty is durable, easy to clean plastic. It’s also very kid friendly. See why more houses in America are making Squatty Potty the norm.

Squatty Potty Toilet Stool

Squatty Potty Ecco

Plastic, durable and economical. Only $25. Comes in 7″ and 9″ sizes.

Squatty Potty Tao Bamboo

Premium, hand-made stool. Water and mold resistance. Only $70. Comes in 7″ and 9″ sizes.

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