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Sound Bender Sound Enhancer


The ultimate sound enhancer for your tablet. Magnetically and tightly securing to your iPad, Soundbender works by guiding the sound from the speakers back in your direction. In doing so amplifies and enhances your listening experience for music, movies and video games. Soundbender comes in a variety of colors and attaches to the iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4.

SoundBender Shark Tank Pitch

Entrepreneurs   Rabbi Moshe Weiss
Deal Proposed   $54,000 for 26%
Deal Reached?   Yes  Yes
Shark Investor(s)  Daymond John
Deal Agreement  $54,000 for 40%

Shark Tank SoundBender Update

Now Showing

Shark Tank SoundBender Update

Soundbender on Shark Tank

New York Live -- Daymond John and SoundBender

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