Readerest Specsecure

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Readerest Eyewear Holders


Have you ever lost a pair of eyeglasses because you did not want to stuff them in your pockets or hold them in your hand? Problem solved. Readerest is a high tech magnetic eyeglasses holder that secures your eyeware when you are not wearing them on your face. With readerest, your eyeglasses are always within arms reach, conveniently stashed on your very own body.

Readerest Specsecure Shark Tank Pitch Information

Entrepreneurs Asking Price Asking Equity Deal Reached?
Rick Hopper $150,000 15% YesYes

Shark Investor Money Invested Equity Received
Lori Greiner $150,000 65%

Readerest Specsecure Website Watch Shark Tank Season 3 Episode 6

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