Lumio Book Lamp

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Lumio Book Lamp

Lumio is simply one of those “oooh and ahhh” kind of products. Dynamic and multi-functional, Lumio is a hard-cover book when closed and a bright and vivid lamp when opened. Lumio Book Lamp is perfect for when you’re outdoors or on the go and also in the comfort of your own home. It opens up to a full 360 degrees and provides up to 8 hours of LED lighting when charged with a micro-USB charger. Lumio is available in two different book forms including Dark Walnut and Blonde Maple. Each set comes with magnetic wooden pegs for mounting and a leather strap for easy hanging.

Lumio Book Lamp Shark Tank Pitch

Entrepreneurs   Max Gunawan
Deal Proposed   $250,000 for 8%
Deal Reached?   Yes  Yes
Shark Investor(s)  Robert Herjavec
Deal Agreement  $350,000 for 10%

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Shark tank Lumio Light book

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