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It’s hard to travel when you have a lovable puppy at home, especially when he/she cannot come along for the journey. Now there is a way to communicate and interact with your puppy while being states away. Introducing iCPooch, an innovative way to not only chat with your puppy, but also dispense treats for him/her.

iCPooch Shark Tank Pitch

Entrepreneurs   Brooke Martin and James Pelland
Deal Proposed   $150,000 for 20%
Deal Reached?   No  Yes

iCPooch as seen on Shark Tank

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iCPooch as seen on Shark Tank

Generation Make: The 15-Year-Old Inventor Who Launched A Business

Brooke Martin - iCPooch - GeekWire Summit 2014

The iCPooch stand is a plastic tower with a food dispenser and dish at the bottom, with a holder for a tablet that you can use to two-way video chat with your pet. Although the tablet is not included, iCPooch offers an app that you can use to set up the video chat and on their website you can find a list of iCPooch’s picks of great tablets. iCPooch also has its very own pooch ready to answer any and all question you may have when you email beorn@icpooch.com! The product has been featured on CBS News, NBC News, Fox News, NPR, Geek Wire, and Yahoo News. Do your puppy a favor and pick up the iCPooch now!

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