Hoppy Paws Stamp Kit

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Hoppy Paws Santa's Reindeer Hoof Print Stamp Kit

Create a new family tradition this Christmas and surprise your children with proof of a visit from Santa with Hoppy Paws stamp kit. Hoppy Paws “Santa’s Reindeer Hoof Print Stamp Kit” includes a stamp kit, mixing tray and a secret powder to create a life sized, realistic Santa’s reindeer hoof print. Hoppy Paws will also offer more of a library next year with Santa’s Elf, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and more!

Hoppy Paws Stamp Kit Shark Tank Pitch

Entrepreneurs   Trina Barkouras
Deal Proposed   $50,000 for 10%
Deal Reached?   Yes  Yes
Shark Investor(s)  Barbara Corcoran
Deal Agreement  $100,000 for 50%

How To Use Hoppy Paws!

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How To Use Hoppy Paws!

Hoppy Easter!

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Hoppy Paws Stamp Kit How-to Video

Hoppy Paws Tradition

The premise for the Christmas stamp kit all started over 20 years ago when Trina, the owner of Hoppy Paws used to stay up late on the eve of Easter while she waited for her three daughters to go to bed. Once they were asleep, Trina would then create stencils in the shape of an Easter Bunny paw print and make a long trail of prints leading from outside her house and into her children’s bedrooms. At the end of the trail, behold an Easter basket of goodies. Her girls would wake up to the lovely surprise and be delighted. And so the tradition began.


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