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GoodHangups turns any wall into a magnet board and is perfect for hanging poster, prints, photos, cards and more. Its stick and click magnets can attach posters, photos, prints and more to various wall surfaces, including brick, wood, glass and textured walls.

GoodHangups Shark Tank Pitch

Entrepreneurs   Leslie Pierson
Deal Proposed   $100K for 10%
Deal Reached?   Yes  Yes
Shark Investor(s)  Lori Greiner
Deal Agreement  $100$ for 20%

GoodHangups Pitch (Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 2)

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GoodHangups Pitch (Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 2)

Shark Tank Breakdown - Good Hangups - Magnetic Home Decor System

Shark Tank Update with Good Hangups Founder Leslie Pierson (Deal with Lori Greiner)