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Frameri brings us interchangeable frames and lenses – simply pop the lenses out of one frame and into the one you want to wear next! Never worry about having only one frame to wear – now you can coordinate, look good and still see clearly.

Frameri Shark Tank Pitch

Entrepreneurs   Konrad Billetz and Kevin Habich
Deal Proposed   $150,000 for 3.5%
Deal Reached?   No  Yes

How To Use Frameri

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How To Use Frameri

Frameri founders on why they didn't take 'Shark Tank' deal

How Frameri Works - It's a Snap

The guys reveal 3 lines of glasses – Terra, Tidal, Arial. They stump Daymond by seeking a $4m+ valuation, but the guys have only taken $70k in pre orders so far.

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