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Coffee Meets Bagel

While it is easy to say “yet” another dating app, contrast to the hookup friendly Blendr and Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel offers another take at the realm of online dating. The concept of Coffee Meets Bagel is simply getting setup with a profile and networking through your social circle of friends to find a potential love interest. It takes out the arguably strange and shameful stigma that comes with the territory of online dating, and instead brings in a bit of that human element. It can virtually be compared to meeting a friend of a friend at a dinner party.

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Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App Shark Tank Pitch

Entrepreneurs   Soo, Dawoon and Arum Kang
Deal Proposed   $500,000 for 5%
Deal Reached?   No  Yes

Shark Tank- HIGHEST OFFER EVER MADE -Cofee meets Bagel

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Shark Tank- HIGHEST OFFER EVER MADE -Cofee meets Bagel

Shark Tank - Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel: How It All Began...

Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App Website Watch Shark Tank Season 6 Episode 13

The Only Dating App Women Love, Created By Three Sisters

We wanted our service to be something that people look forward to everyday, something that can spice up their lunch break. Most of our members are busy young professionals, and we know that one thing everyone looks forward to daily is coffee breaks. That led us to choose coffee. There are many things that go well with coffee but we chose Bagels because we launched in New York City!

Three Sisters Behind Coffee Meets Bagel


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Coffee Meets Bagel Follows These 3 Special Guidelines

  • Unless you want to tell others, your dating life should remain private
  • Your friends are the best conduits for your dates
  • Meeting quality people doesn’t have to be so awkward or complicated

Coffee Meets Bagel Info

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