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Girls, if you are tired of holding your purse or cell phone when having a good time at music festivals and/or clubs? Boobypack Bra is what you have been looking for. BoobyPack keeps your things safe and sound while you are doing your thing. This sports bra-like product comes in many different styles and is water resistant. BoobyPack acts like a fanny pack and includes two zipped pockets on the sides to keep your things secure. Ladies, order yours today for the party tomorrow!

Boobypack Bra Shark Tank Pitch

Entrepreneurs   Christina Conrad
Deal Proposed   $80,000 for 20%
Deal Reached?   Yes  Yes
Shark Investor(s)  Barbara Corcoran
Deal Agreement  $80,000 for 25%

Boobypack Kickstarter Video

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Boobypack Kickstarter Video

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