BeverageBoy Floating Cooler

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BeverageBoy is a revolutionary floating cooler for your drinks when you are in the pool. Solving a summertime problem, BeverageBoy Floating Cooler is a convenient way to keep your drink cool, upright and yourself hydrated while swimming. Now your beer and soda alike can chill with you while taking a dip!

BeverageBoy Floating Cooler Shark Tank Pitch

Entrepreneurs   Kevin Waltermire
Deal Proposed   $50,000 for 15%
Deal Reached?   Yes  Yes
Shark Investor(s)  Daymond John
Deal Agreement  $50,000 for 35%

BevBoy Surf Test - The Floating Beer Coozie

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BevBoy Surf Test - The Floating Beer Coozie

Introducing the revolutionary BevBoy...

Shark Tank Insights: Beverage Boy

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