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Belly Buds


Your baby is already listening at just 20 weeks in the womb. Start the bonding even sooner with Bellybuds. Featured on shows like Modern Family and Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Belly Buds lets you share music, voices and other brain stimulating sounds before the birth of your baby.

BellyBuds Shark Tank Pitch

Deal Proposed   $500,000 for 12%
Deal Reached?   No  Yes

BellyBuds Pitch (Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 8)

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BellyBuds Pitch (Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 8)

Negociando con tiburones ep 8 Bellybuds

Belly Buds Review & Demo!

Your Baby is Already Listening

  • Share music, voices and brain-stimulating sound all before your baby is born
  • Makes the perfect pregnancy gift
  • Includes 2 Pairs of Adhesive, an Audio Splitter, a Storage Pouch, Premium Access to VoiceShare and a Music Album Download

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