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Beatbox is an innovative, vibrant wine based cocktail compacted into a nifty old school boom box looking thing. Made with orange wine,¬†each BeatBox contains over 7 bottles worth of mixed drink. It comes in Blue Razzberry Lemonade, Crandberry Limeade, Box A’Rita and Texas Sweet Tea flavors. Let’s get this party started.

BeatBox Beverages Shark Tank Pitch

Entrepreneurs   Justin Fenchel, Brad Schulz, & Aimey Steadman
Deal Proposed   $200,000 for 10%
Deal Reached?   Yes  Yes
Shark Investor(s)  Mark Cuban
Deal Agreement  $600,000 for 33%

Shark Tank - BeatBox Beverages

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Shark Tank - BeatBox Beverages


Shark Tank One of the fastest deal ever !

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