AquaVault Portable Travel Safe

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Have you ever been on vacation and worried about leaving your valuables alone while diving into the water for a swim on the beach? You are not alone, and AquaVault has you covered. AquaVault has created a lockbox that locks onto 95% of existing beach furniture and being made of ABS thermoplastic, it can hold up to even the most aggressive attempts by someone attempting to steal your valuables. Also, weighing in at barely over one pound, you don’t have to stress about carrying around a heavy lockbox all day. AquaVault is a portable travel safe and the best lightweight solution for protecting your precious valuables while on the go!

AquaVault Portable Travel Safe Shark Tank Pitch

Entrepreneurs   Rob, Jonathan, Avin
Deal Proposed   $75,000 for 12%
Deal Reached?   Yes  Yes
Shark Investor(s)  Daymond John
Deal Agreement  $75,000 for 25%

Aqua Vault Beach and Pool Safe - As Seen on Shark Tank!

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Aqua Vault Beach and Pool Safe - As Seen on Shark Tank!

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