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  • ZinePak


    Are you a super fan? ZinePak creates a super fan package including magazines, CDs, and lovable odds&ends that connect you more to your favorite entertainer, musician, or super pop star. Sometimes it’s a special limited edition or it’s widely available at super stores.

  • Snag a Stool

    Snag a Stool is an app that solves the tired problem of hovering when waiting to get a seat in a crowded restaurant or bar. Only in Boston so far, this app helps you save a seat at a favorite spot on a busy or popular night.

  • Sunscreen Mist

    You seen photo booths, but now there is Sunscreen Booths! Sunscreen Mist allows you to get misted with sunscreen – your choice of 15/30 spf, and bug repellent, tanning agent, or even aloe. One less thing to carry with you. Now when you’re at the beach, you don’t need to stand down wind from that woman who sprays a whole bottle of sunscreen mist.

  • SynDaver Labs


    Thinking of becoming creepy? Well, now you can do it safely with artificial cadavers that are gross, creepy and realistic. And hey, you can even study medicine with them. So when you’re friends find out you’re a bit ‘off kilter’, you can just tell them your pre-med and don’t want the stench of a dead body around – totally norma.

  • Sway Motorsports


    Sway motorsports pitches the Shark Tank. Imagine a scooter with three wheels but instead of turning the wheels to turn, you lean, a bit like skiing meets the motorcycle. More fun, this electric, rechargeable scooter can go 40+ miles on a charge and is great for zooming safely around town.