Robert Herjavec Shark Tank Deals

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  • The Wall DoctoR


    an easy way to patch holes in walls

  • LockerBones


    customizable shelving for student lockers

  • RevoLights


    Men’s Journal calls it “The best bike lighting system in the world.” Revolights doesn’t just look cool, it operates cool too. Revolights is revolutionary design for bikes that provides a fully functional headlight, brakelight and true 360 degree visibility. Some other awesome features is that it is water resistant, theft resistant and charges via USB connectivity.

  • Henry’s Humdingers


    spicy flavored honeys

  • Velocity Signs


    robotic sign waving machines

  • Happy Feet Slippers


    If you are a slippers in the home kind of person, Happy Feet are right up your alley. With superior quality and uniquely plump by design, Happy Feet slippers are ULTRA comfortable fuzzy slippers for both him and her. They are available in the Original Happy Feet design, Animal Characters, Holiday Themed Animals and your favorite sports teams. Aside from looking damn comfortable, these fat slippers keep your feet warn.

  • Oru Kayak


    This is not just any ordinary Kayak. It’s a foldable, portable Kayak that performs with the best of ’em. All you need is 5 minutes to take it from backpack to a boat. Aside from its convenience, it’s highly durable as well. The Oru is offered in two models. The Bay and the premium Bay+.

  • Kronos


    For all you golfers who happen to be Kill Bill fans, Kronos is like the Hattori Hanzo of golf putters. For anyone else who doesn’t get the reference, Kronos are beautifully designed, hand polished, premium built, golf putters. They are assembled by the world’s finest craftsmen using only the best techniques with the highest quality materials. Not all putters are created equally.

  • The Red Dress Boutique


    an online mail-order service for afforable, fashionable outfits

  • The Natural Grip


    Natural Grips were designed to protect your palms from rips when lifting weights and crossfit training. The grips are made from a 100% zinc oxide cotton tape and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. a hand grip designed to help the user better handle fitness equipment

  • The Mensch on a Bench

    The Mensch on a Bench

    Another tradition for Hanukkah intended to bring families together, Mensch on a Bench was created by a father who wanted to teach his kids the meaning of the Jewish holiday, all while starting a new holiday tradition. The Mensch on a Bench set includes a 12″ plush Moshe doll, a hardcover book and removable bench.

  • Doorman Delivery Service

    Doorman Delivery Shark Tank

    Never miss a package delivery ever again! Doorman Delivery Service allows you to schedule deliveries as late as midnight, 7 days a week! Perfect it you work late or do not want to be strapped to the inconvenient traditional delivery times. Try your first package for free with the Doorman Delivery Service app.

  • Lumio Book Lamp

    Lumio Book Lamp

    Lumio is simply one of those “oooh and ahhh” kind of products. Dynamic and multi-functional, Lumio is a hard-cover book when closed and a bright and vivid lamp when opened. Lumio Book Lamp is perfect for when you’re outdoors or on the go and also in the comfort of your own home. It opens up to a full 360 degrees and provides up to 8 hours of LED lighting when charged with a micro-USB charger. Lumio is available in two different book forms including Dark Walnut and Blonde Maple. Each set comes with magnetic wooden pegs for mounting and a leather strap for easy hanging.

  • Gold Rush Nugget Bucket

    shark-tank_0009_Gold Rush Nugget Bucket

    Solving the tedious process of panning little grains of gold from debris, Gold Rush Nugget Bucket concentrates the tiny particles of gold in the pan beneath; making the gold panning process easy. Beautifully organizing particles of valuable rock, Gold Rush Nugget Bucket Gold Panning Kit is a gold mining dream.

  • Pitt Moss


    Harvesting peat moss is an environmental task and disturbs wetlands. Pitt Moss is a recycled paper substitute that has been thoroughly tested in labs and real use to replace peat moss and save the wetlands.

  • Zero Pollution Motors


    Want to cut down on car exhaust? Use the AirPod from Zero Pollution Motors. At under $10,000 it runs on compressed air and has a top speed of about 50 mph. Forget the golf cart, the AirPod is the new coolest way to travel. Could it have heat and AC too? At speeds of 20mph to 30mph, it can travel 100 miles per compressed air tank.