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  • Classroom Jams


    Who hasn’t had to study Shakespeare? Marc Furigay created Classroom Jams – a musical way to teach Shakespeare to high school kids. What better way to learn Ye Olde English than with music. And he get a deal with ALL the Sharks!

  • Pork Barrel BBQ


    a new brand of barbecue sauce and spice rub. award winning sample pack.

  • De-Boned Baby Back Rib Steak


    ribs with the bones removed so they can be eaten with a knife and a fork

  • Tipsy Elves Ugly Christmas Sweaters

    Tipsy Elves Sweaters

    Hot Product! Want to win the nicest ugly sweater contest? Tipsy Elves has created a line of clothing themed around the Christmas holiday and it is awesome. These are ugly Christmas sweaters on steroids. Tipsy Elves also has themed dresses, cardigans, pajamas and college alumni sweaters. Products available for Women, Men and Kids.

  • Define Bottle

    a water bottle specially designed for infusing fresh fruit flavor

  • Sun-Staches


    Got a party to attend, but want to hide your everyday identity – Sun Staches has what you need – sunglasses with mustaches – novelty sunglasses with attached facial accessories.

  • Heidi Ho


    If you are on a dairy-free diet and miss being able to eat cheese, Heidi Ho offers a dairy-free line of plant-based cheese spreads. Heidi Ho products are dairy and gluten free, & many of them are also soy free. The cheese is made from organic nuts, seeds, vegetables, and herbs and spices.

  • Bottle Breacher


    Do you or someone you know have issues opening bottles with style? Bottle Breachers can help fix that with their handcrafted 50 caliber bottle openers. Not only do they look cool on their own, but they can look even better with some personalized engraving.

  • PullyPalz Pacifier Keeper


    Who hasn’t had to pick up and suck the dirt off (yuck!) the pacifier that junior just spit out, but really wants back in a hurry? Well, now PullyPalz creates peace wherever you go. Junior can spit all he wants and grab that pacifier himself without it touching the ground.

  • Melni Connectors


    Mark Melni invented Melni Connectors after seeing the Chinese Finger Trap. He thought there must be a better way to splice electrical lines and while not nearly as fun, it could eliminate a lot of crimping and finger pain.

  • NeatCheeks


    NeatCheeks is a ‘sweet flavored face wipe’ that is clean, tasty, and a safe way to clean baby faces without slathering them in chemical cleaners and the nasty smells of sanitizer. No more fuss wiping your lil faces around the table.

  • Pitt Moss


    Harvesting peat moss is an environmental task and disturbs wetlands. Pitt Moss is a recycled paper substitute that has been thoroughly tested in labs and real use to replace peat moss and save the wetlands.

  • Buck Mason

    Buck Mason is an American-made clothing line that features clothes that are of a “Timeless Design” and really Made in America. Priced less that many high-end “made elsewhere” clothes you find in the mall, Buck Mason in the 21st century gives you a classic clothing line, made entirely in the USA and at a decent price.

  • Noene


    Bryon Scott, former NFL linebacker with four different teams, comes into the Shark Tank to pitch Noene, his high-tech insoles. Made in Switzerland, from a proprietary rubber, these insoles are designed to take the shock out of all your movement.

  • ZinePak


    Are you a super fan? ZinePak creates a super fan package including magazines, CDs, and lovable odds&ends that connect you more to your favorite entertainer, musician, or super pop star. Sometimes it’s a special limited edition or it’s widely available at super stores.

  • Snag a Stool

    Snag a Stool is an app that solves the tired problem of hovering when waiting to get a seat in a crowded restaurant or bar. Only in Boston so far, this app helps you save a seat at a favorite spot on a busy or popular night.