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  • Frameri

    Frameri brings us interchangeable frames and lenses – simply pop the lenses out of one frame and into the one you want to wear next! Never worry about having only one frame to wear – now you can coordinate, look good and still see clearly.

  • Paleo Diet Foods

    How do you support your Paleo diet if you’re out and about, or exercising? The Paleo Bar was invented to help you get the benefits of the Paleo Diet in a convenient nutrition bar. Now you don’t have to cheat or compromise while inconveniently away from your stash of food.

  • World Record Striper Company


    Love to fish for Striped Bass? These amazing lures helped bag the World Record Striped Bass! These lures use sound to mimic crustaceans like baby lobsters, crabs, shrimp or crayfish to give you an extreme advantage to help you reel in the biggest fish you’ve ever caught.

  • Zero Pollution Motors


    Want to cut down on car exhaust? Use the AirPod from Zero Pollution Motors. At under $10,000 it runs on compressed air and has a top speed of about 50 mph. Forget the golf cart, the AirPod is the new coolest way to travel. Could it have heat and AC too? At speeds of 20mph to 30mph, it can travel 100 miles per compressed air tank.

  • Sunscreen Mist

    You seen photo booths, but now there is Sunscreen Booths! Sunscreen Mist allows you to get misted with sunscreen – your choice of 15/30 spf, and bug repellent, tanning agent, or even aloe. One less thing to carry with you. Now when you’re at the beach, you don’t need to stand down wind from that woman who sprays a whole bottle of sunscreen mist.

  • SynDaver Labs


    Thinking of becoming creepy? Well, now you can do it safely with artificial cadavers that are gross, creepy and realistic. And hey, you can even study medicine with them. So when you’re friends find out you’re a bit ‘off kilter’, you can just tell them your pre-med and don’t want the stench of a dead body around – totally norma.

  • Zoom Interiors

    These 3 design ladies will help you transform your living space by learning about you. It’s almost like a match-making service where you get to figure out what’s best suited for you. But the girls don’t come with the room.

  • You Kick A**

    You deserve your own action figure because “You Kick Ass” says so. Send them a pic and they’ll make a custom head and put it on the body of a super hero action figure. Show everyone at work how famous you are.

  • Gato Cafe

    Gato Cafe is an idea that comes to the Shark Tank to pitch a cafe full of cats. If you love cats, and there are many of you, and you want to go out to eat and be surrounded by them, well Gato Cafe is an idea you may love. Looking to open their first location Gato Cafe is still in the funding stage and was recently on IndieGoGo.

  • Shark Wheel

    The pitch to the Shark Tank is for square skateboard wheels – ok almost square – square plus semi-circular plus a sinewave. Invented for another reason, these wheels allow boarders to avoid crashing from dibree or rough terrain.

  • Spikeball


    Spikeball pitches Shark Tank a new game that is like four-square meets volleyball outdoor sport for pairs. Instead of a net, there is a small, round trampoline on the ground between the two teams and you spike the ball into it. With no out of bounds, you’re sure to get exercise and have lots of fun.