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  • Jump Forward


    a technological solution for sports recruiting from high school to college

  • Grease Monkey Wipes


    more effective cleaning and degreasing wet wipes

  • Lightfilm


    light-up decal for car windows

  • SweepEas


    broom with a built-in scraper

  • HyConn, LLC


    quick connector for fire hydrant hoses

  • Scrub Daddy

    Scrub Daddy

    The phenomenon that is the Scrub Daddy. The perfect household cleaning tool works on just about anything you can think of. Not only is it suitable for typical household chores like doing the dishes, cleaning appliances and shower enclosures, but it’s also useful for personal use, the outdoors and even washing your car.

  • Neo Innovations

    a home use tattoo removal device

  • Drop Stop


    Ever accidentally drop a quarter or a precious curly fry in between the crevices of your car seats? Another one of Lori Griener’s heroes, Drop Stop does exactly what it says and prevents objects from annoyingly falling between those hard to reach places of your vehicle.

  • Shell Bobbers

    Shell Bobbers Fishing

    Shell Bobbers was initially an idea spawned when two best friends, Jeff and Dusty were out on a boat duck hunting. After discharging their shotgun, they noticed the empty shell floating straight up in the water. ‘AHA!’. Made in the USA, Shell Bobbers comes 3 in a pack and is perfect for the Bobber Fisher or even as a gift for the fishing enthusiast.

  • Tremont Electric nPower PEG

    nPower PEG

    The world’s 1st human-powered charger for your hand-held electronic devices. Placed in your backpack, briefcase, or purse, the nPower® PEG harvests your kinetic energy as you walk, run, or bike, storing it for use wherever, whenever you need it. Now you can extend the use time of your cell phone, Mp3 player, GPS, and other devices without searching for a wall outlet.

  • Squirrel Boss

    squirrel proof bird feeder

  • ScreenMend


    window screen repair patch

  • FiberFix


    100 times effectively stronger than duck tape, with FiberFix you truly can fix just about anything. No really, just about anything. From sawed in half bikes to leaky pipes and hoses, FiberFix is an inexpensive all around useful tool to have around the house at all times. Try it once and you’ll never go back to duck tape.

  • Tree-T-Pee


    a device for watering trees more efficiently

  • Lite-Netics

    Lite-Netics Magnetic Light Hangers

    A revolutionary Christmas light product that uses magnets instead of traditional fasteners for simple installation, Lite-Netics have been tested to hold up against high wind forces, heavy rain, snow and other elements of the outdoors. Lite-Netics saves you labor intensive installation and from having to purchase other costly traditional attachment accessories.

  • The Wall DoctoR


    an easy way to patch holes in walls