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  • The Natural Grip


    Natural Grips were designed to protect your palms from rips when lifting weights and crossfit training. The grips are made from a 100% zinc oxide cotton tape and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. a hand grip designed to help the user better handle fitness equipment

  • Titin


    Titin is a comfortable, weighted workout shirt perfect for the fitness buff. It is naturally fitted and geared to focus on the surrounding upper body major muscle groups. Titin is mentioned to noticeably increase your endurance, running speed and overall athleticism.

  • Kronos


    For all you golfers who happen to be Kill Bill fans, Kronos is like the Hattori Hanzo of golf putters. For anyone else who doesn’t get the reference, Kronos are beautifully designed, hand polished, premium built, golf putters. They are assembled by the world’s finest craftsmen using only the best techniques with the highest quality materials. Not all putters are created equally.

  • Oru Kayak


    This is not just any ordinary Kayak. It’s a foldable, portable Kayak that performs with the best of ’em. All you need is 5 minutes to take it from backpack to a boat. Aside from its convenience, it’s highly durable as well. The Oru is offered in two models. The Bay and the premium Bay+.

  • Define Bottle

    a water bottle specially designed for infusing fresh fruit flavor

  • RevoLights


    Men’s Journal calls it “The best bike lighting system in the world.” Revolights doesn’t just look cool, it operates cool too. Revolights is revolutionary design for bikes that provides a fully functional headlight, brakelight and true 360 degree visibility. Some other awesome features is that it is water resistant, theft resistant and charges via USB connectivity.

  • DDP Yoga

    a fitness program based on yoga developed by former pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page

  • Nexersys

    fitness and gaming platform

  • FitDeck

    custom playing cards for exercise

  • Kymera Body Board

    electric powered body boards

  • Hamboards


    skateboards that ride like a surfboard

  • The Freeloader


    piggyback carrier for children

  • Shell Bobbers

    Shell Bobbers Fishing

    Shell Bobbers was initially an idea spawned when two best friends, Jeff and Dusty were out on a boat duck hunting. After discharging their shotgun, they noticed the empty shell floating straight up in the water. ‘AHA!’. Made in the USA, Shell Bobbers comes 3 in a pack and is perfect for the Bobber Fisher or even as a gift for the fishing enthusiast.

  • Gobie H2O


    advanced filtered water bottles

  • Liddup


    a cooler with interior LED lighting

  • Lose 12 Inches With Any 12 Workouts


    a fitness program that teaches how to improve workout efficiency and an exercise machine