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  • Wedding Wagon

    a van used as a mobile wedding chapel

  • FunCakes Rental

    fake wedding cakes

  • The Caddy Girls

    a company that provides all-female golf caddys

  • Honeyfund


    a crowdfunding service that allows wedding guests to donate money toward the honeymoon trip rather than purchase traditional gifts

  • Priority One Canine

    Ever wished you could have a bodyguard to protect you and your loved ones? Priorty One Canine offers professionally trained canine bodyguards. The dogs are not simply guard dogs but are well-trained family pets.

  • Brand Yourself


    Have you tried Googling yourself? I’m sure we’ve all done it before, and sometimes the results can be surprising and sometimes depending on your record, not very flattering. There is now a way to clean up those search results and control the content of your search! Brand Yourself offers free do-it-yourself tools to clean up those search results and place relevant, up-to-date content at the top of the search feed. If you aren’t computer savvy, no worries; they also offer managed services to do it for you!

  • Budsies Custom Stuffed Toys

    Forget imaginary friends – you can draw your new friends and Budsies will turn them into a real, custom stuffed toy doll friend that your child can hold, talk to and take everywhere. Only your imagination is your limit.

  • Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions

    Mikki Bey bring her celebrity approved eye lash extensions into the Shark Tank looking to grow. These are not false lashes, these are extensions, and Mikki Bey is in demand. Can she get a deal?

  • Rent Like a Champion


    Rent Like a Champion is the AirBnB for college games, graduation ceremonies, etc. They provide private home rentals near campus in college towns around the country so you can have a place to stay when you go see your favorite college sports game, or see your favorite college kid graduate.

  • Stem Center USA


    STEM Center USA develops a passion for STEM careers with activities for middle and high school students.

  • Clean Cube

    Clean Cube is a cleaning, delivery service for buildings so renters can drop off and pick up laundry without leaving the building or finding a shop.

  • Lovepop


    More than just a greeting card, lovepops feature an intricate laser-cut, hand-crafted 3D pop-up sculpture that tells them you really care.

  • Hungry Harvest


    Hungry Harvest sources produce that would normally go to waste and recaptures it to and delivers it to reduce food waste and feed hungry families.

  • Fixed


    Fixed is the easiest way to deal with a traffic ticket – submit your ticket and if they can help you, they’ll let you know and get the ticket and point dismissed. Fast & Free Ticket Review. Attorneys from $150. 90% success rate.

  • Village Scholarships

    Village Scholarships is an online peer-to-peer scholarship website that allows anyone to create a college scholarship/grant and students can apply for them.

  • 2400 Prep Expert


    Prep Expert (formerly 2400 Expert) is an SAT & ACT test preparation service created and run by someone who actually scored a perfect 2400 on the SATs.