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  • Classroom Jams


    Who hasn’t had to study Shakespeare? Marc Furigay created Classroom Jams – a musical way to teach Shakespeare to high school kids. What better way to learn Ye Olde English than with music. And he get a deal with ALL the Sharks!

  • Voyage Air Guitar

    a guitar design that folds the guitar into a backpack

  • Taylor Robinson Music

    an online platform for finding music instructors

  • EmazingLights LED Gloves & Rave Lights


    Opening doors to creative expression, what was once a simple LED toy for music festivals, these gloves have created a community of Light Show artists to transform the way we think of entertainment and art. A trending product growing exponentially in popularity, EmazingLights provides LEDs, gloves, accessories, and apparel for light enthusiasts everywhere. Perfect for clubbing, musical events, and light shows, EmazingLights products are the first in a wave of new party accessories. Located in sunny California, they also puts on local events such as Friday Night Lights, BOSS Competitions, and the International Gloving Championship!

  • Jarrett & Raja Productions

    Jarrett & Raja Productions come to Shark Tank to pitch a magic and music act for the Las Vegas strip.

  • Vibes

    Vibes are quality high-fidelity earplugs designed for live music. They enhance the live-sound experience by allowing us to hear the music exactly the way it intended to be heard without the damaging level of sounds.