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  • Vestpakz Back Pack Vest

    Vestpakz Back Pack Vest - Camo

    Vestpakz, an innovative and quality back pack was originally invented by an inspired Sixth Grader, Christen Wooley about 15 years ago. Vestpakz saves space and protects your back even more importantly. They are perfect for school or plain recreational fun. The Vestpak is licensed by Eastsport back pack and comes equipped with two front zippered pockets and side slip pockets. It is lightweight and the fabric is water fabric. A really cool product created by an American young mind!

  • evREwares Reusable Sticky Ties

    evREware Sticky Tie Bacon

    Conceived from a mix passion for art and innovation (and admittedly some red wine), evREwares Reusable Sticky Ties are the World’s First Sticky Accessory to the Plain White Tee. Far from a traditional stricker, evREwares are durable, reusable, interchangeable and do not leave any left-over sticker residue when removed. They are easy to take off and put right back on for creative repositioning. evReware ties come in a variety of stickers perfect for babys, kids and adults alike!

  • The Mensch on a Bench

    The Mensch on a Bench

    Another tradition for Hanukkah intended to bring families together, Mensch on a Bench was created by a father who wanted to teach his kids the meaning of the Jewish holiday, all while starting a new holiday tradition. The Mensch on a Bench set includes a 12″ plush Moshe doll, a hardcover book and removable bench.

  • Hoppy Paws Stamp Kit

    Hoppy Paws Santa's Reindeer Hoof Print Stamp Kit

    Create a new family tradition this Christmas and surprise your children with proof of a visit from Santa with Hoppy Paws stamp kit. Hoppy Paws “Santa’s Reindeer Hoof Print Stamp Kit” includes a stamp kit, mixing tray and a secret powder to create a life sized, realistic Santa’s reindeer hoof print. Hoppy Paws will also offer more of a library next year with Santa’s Elf, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and more!

  • Jungle JumpaRoo

    Jungle Jumparoo is that backyard play structure that all the kids in the neighborhood gravitate to. Perfect for all ages to climb, swing, bounce and jump all at the same time, the Jungle Jumparoo has a safe sturdy base and encourages fun exercise for children. 10 minutes jumping on this thing is the equivalent to 33 minutes running.

  • Paper Box Pilots


    It really it true that all kids can have fun with a cardboard box. The possibilities are endless. Paper Box Pilots expands on this idea with their cardboard kits (includes box, stickers, guide and plans) that build out to look like a real airplane, firetruck and race car. Your kids will love it.

  • Ninja Cards Throwing Game

    Like darts? Like Ninjas? Well then do we have the perfect recreational activity for you. Ninja Cards is an addictive target card throwing game that is fun for all ages. The game comes with one 24×24 board and one pack of 15 throwing cards.

  • SoapSox Washcloths

    SoapSox washcloths are plush toys and the next generation of bath time washcloths for kids. Invented by two dads and approved by moms everywhere, your kids will have fun in the bath with these soft, vibrant and colorful animal characters and get clean at the same time. Great for the nervous little bathers.

  • Roominate


    Roominate is a brain stimulating, award winning toy perfect for aspiring young kids who love to learn and have fun. It is affiliated with STEM, touching on critical thinking within the Science, Tech, Engineering and Math fields. Roominate is toted as an open-ended version of LEGOs.

  • Tie-Not

    water balloon filler and tying device

  • Foot Fairy


    an iPad app which measures your child’s foot size

  • Susty Party

    eco-friendly party supplies

  • Fort Magic

    a building and construction toy

  • ZooBean


    subscription service for children’s books

  • Fun Time Express


    a trackless train ride for malls

  • Happy Feet Slippers


    If you are a slippers in the home kind of person, Happy Feet are right up your alley. With superior quality and uniquely plump by design, Happy Feet slippers are ULTRA comfortable fuzzy slippers for both him and her. They are available in the Original Happy Feet design, Animal Characters, Holiday Themed Animals and your favorite sports teams. Aside from looking damn comfortable, these fat slippers keep your feet warn.