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  • Ionic Ear

    an implantable Bluetooth device requiring surgery into your head

  • WiSpots

    an electronic hand-held device for waiting rooms

  • LifeBelt

    a device that prevents the car from starting without the seat belt being fastened

  • Voyage Air Guitar

    a guitar design that folds the guitar into a backpack

  • Virtusphere

    a large sphere used in simulating environments, which can be used in military training or for entertainment purposes

  • Mr. Poncho

    a poncho created for iPhones and Blackberries as a solution to tangled headphones

  • OrigAudio


    innovative portable speakers

  • Zomm

    Zomm is an award winning key chain device for convenience, safety and security. Utilizing bluetooth technology, Zomm connects to your mobile smart phone and makes for seamless emergency connectivity. It makes for a good leash as well as an alarm rings when you’ve lost or left your phone behind.

  • SBU


    an electric self-balancing unicycle

  • SoundBender

    Sound Bender Sound Enhancer

    The ultimate sound enhancer for your tablet. Magnetically and tightly securing to your iPad, Soundbender works by guiding the sound from the speakers back in your direction. In doing so amplifies and enhances your listening experience for music, movies and video games. Soundbender comes in a variety of colors and attaches to the iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4.

  • My Cold Snap


    an individual ice chest for single cans

  • SoloWheel


    SoloWheel is that unique form of transportation folks from the 1950s envisioned for our future. Although we’re all not floating around in one of these things quite yet, the technology is still awesome. SoloWheel uses gyro sensors, can ride up to 10 miles at 10 MPH and has a rechargeable battery.

  • CellHelmet

    mobile device cases and screen protectors that include device repair service

  • Gobie H2O


    advanced filtered water bottles

  • Tremont Electric nPower PEG

    nPower PEG

    The world’s 1st human-powered charger for your hand-held electronic devices. Placed in your backpack, briefcase, or purse, the nPower® PEG harvests your kinetic energy as you walk, run, or bike, storing it for use wherever, whenever you need it. Now you can extend the use time of your cell phone, Mp3 player, GPS, and other devices without searching for a wall outlet.

  • Breathometer


    a smartphone breathalyzer