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  • ScreenMend


    window screen repair patch

  • BellyBuds

    Belly Buds

    Your baby is already listening at just 20 weeks in the womb. Start the bonding even sooner with Bellybuds. Featured on shows like Modern Family and Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Belly Buds lets you share music, voices and other brain stimulating sounds before the birth of your baby.

  • DoorBot

    a doorbell with a camera and speaker that connects to your smartphone

  • Magic Moments

    iPhone application that allows you to put your photos on products that you can sell

  • Virtuix Omni

    a virtual reality platform that allows free movement

  • Lite-Netics

    Lite-Netics Magnetic Light Hangers

    A revolutionary Christmas light product that uses magnets instead of traditional fasteners for simple installation, Lite-Netics have been tested to hold up against high wind forces, heavy rain, snow and other elements of the outdoors. Lite-Netics saves you labor intensive installation and from having to purchase other costly traditional attachment accessories.

  • EyeBloc

    a plastic cover for laptop webcams

  • InvisiPlug


    powerstrips designed to blend in with hardwood floors

  • Buzzy4Shots

    a device that uses vibration to numb skin in preparation for medical shots so they don’t hurt

  • RevoLights


    Men’s Journal calls it “The best bike lighting system in the world.” Revolights doesn’t just look cool, it operates cool too. Revolights is revolutionary design for bikes that provides a fully functional headlight, brakelight and true 360 degree visibility. Some other awesome features is that it is water resistant, theft resistant and charges via USB connectivity.

  • iReTron


    electronics recycling service

  • Garage Door Lock


    garage door locking system

  • Velocity Signs


    robotic sign waving machines

  • PowerPot


    a cooking pot that generates electricity as you heat up water

  • iLumi

    Toted as the world’s smartest lights, iLumi is pre-programmed LED lighting that can be screwed into any existing fixture and wirelessly controlled by phone app. iLumi allows you to really set the mood and customize the lighting for every setting type. Great features are its simulated sunrise and ability to sync to the beat of any music.

  • Intelli-Stopper Technology Wine Doctor

    a bottle stopper with an indicator that shows if there is air inside