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  • Angels and Tomboys®


    Angels and Tomboys® offers handmade body lotions for tween and teen girls created by sibling Kidpreneurs Madison Star & Mallory Iyana. It not only makes you smell good but also feel good.

  • Raising Wild


    Raising Wild is a swimsuit line that empowers women of all shapes and lifestyles to get out of their beach chairs and confidently enjoy their own adventure.

  • PMS Bites

    PMS Bites are delicious and healthy treats delivered to women’s doors the week we need them most.

  • Yourself Expression

    Yourself Expression creates interchangeable accessories like bracelets, necklaces and rings that allow you to decide what’s in and on them to personalize it as often as you like.

  • CreaProducts


    CreaProducts makes gadgets to make giving yourself a haircut or doing your nails and make-up easy and awesome.

  • TutuBlue

    Tutublue is a one piece beach suit with built-in UPF50 fabric to protect you from the sun and look stylish at the same time.

  • R Riveter


    R. Riveter offers purses and accessories “made by the hand of spouses wherever the military takes them”.

  • Shefit


    Shefit® creates adjustable sports bras that really work for women of all sizes and athletic levels.

  • Controlled Chaos


    Controlled Chaos Hair Creme enhances and supports your curly hair to give you soft, defined, bouncy, shiny curls with all natural ingredients.

  • Sarah Oliver Handbags


    Sarah Oliver Handbags offers purses, clutches and shoulder bags that are hand knit by a fabulous team of senior knitters.

  • Glow Recipe


    Glow Recipe is a platform to help women all over the world to look more beautiful by identifying, curating, and bringing to market best-of-breed products and skincare secrets from Korea, the modern epicenter of beauty innovation.

  • The Skinny Mirror

    The Skinny Mirror will become the favorite mirror for many women because it gives a slimming reflection of 5-10 pounds that works on the psyche over time.

  • Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions

    Mikki Bey bring her celebrity approved eye lash extensions into the Shark Tank looking to grow. These are not false lashes, these are extensions, and Mikki Bey is in demand. Can she get a deal?

  • The Beebo


    The Beebo is a new hands-free way to bottle feed your baby, improving feeding and giving freeing your hands to eat, read, or just scratch your nose.

  • Naja Bras and Underwear


    Naja’s lingerie lines are built on the belief that a high-quality bra should not cost you $80+, but should also not sacrifice quality to attain a low price. Stylish in design, Naja underwear, bras, knickers and lingerie products feature a quality and attention to detail that only luxury brands tend to provide. Right down to the materials used for their memory foam cups, interior bra prints, and ultrasonic sealed bra straps. The products are also artsy, especially their “Cheeky Knickers” collection, which features prints with foods on them, kitty cats, and East Asian-inspired designs. Don’t be alarmed though, if you like traditional designs and colors, Naja still has you covered (literally)! Naja also combines their business with an entrepreneurial stroke with their sewing program through the Golondrinas Foundation, which teaches single or head of household mothers to sew and make a living doing it! Add a little style to your behind and grab a pair now!

  • Frill Clothing


    Creating looks that empower young women, Frill Clothing designs unified and defined clothing for sorority girls.