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  • ezpz Happy Mats


    EzPz happy mats are all-in-one placemat + plate that suctions to the table capturing kids’ messes and eliminating tipped bowls and spilled food. Kids and parents, (and therapists) love it.

  • Major Mom

    Major Mom® is a residential organizing service company that helps you get organized in your home, office, or garage.

  • Clean Sleep

    Clean Sleep provides a services that sanitizes your mattress so you’re not sleeping on all that dead skin, dust, and mites – yuk!

  • PRX Performance


    PRx Performance creates products for serious lifters, including a garage gym that folds out of the way so you can still park your car.

  • IllumiBowl


    IllumiBowl is a motion-activated toilet night light that fits on any toilet and gives the inner bowl a glow when you walk into the bathroom at night so that you don’t have to turn on bright lights, stumble in the dark, or worse, miss the bowl.

  • Wondercide


    Wondercide makes non-toxic alternatives to chemical pesticides used on pets, people, and property – like flea and tick spray, insect repellant, and other solutions.

  • Coolbox


    The Coolbox is a Tool Box with added features and functions – battery, clock, whiteboard, light, wheels, magnetic lid and bottle opener – that make all your projects easier, safer and more fun.

  • CreaProducts


    CreaProducts makes gadgets to make giving yourself a haircut or doing your nails and make-up easy and awesome.

  • Toor


    Toor is a platform that consists of a smart lockbox and app which helps in connecting buyers, sellers, renters, agents, inspectors, contractors, guests and hosts—so people can request a house tour remotely and not have to schedule a realtor meeting.


  • Grease Bags


    Grease Bags is an innovative eco-friendly product that allows people to dispose of their used cooking grease and at the same time, help protect the environment.




  • Little Nomad

    Little Nomad offers foam play mats that are not only beautiful but also practical. These mats connect seamlessly and can even be used as a soft flooring solution.

  • EDN Wallgarden

    EDN Wallgarden provides intelligent and beautiful indoor gardens that enable anyone to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and even flowers – all year around, at the push of a button. They have a mission to change the way the world grows and consumes food.

  • Modern Christmas Tree

    modern christmas tree products of shark tank

    Modern Christmas Tree is a sparkling hanging tree that comes decorated with globes and chandelier crystals, a glittering wall tree and a festive table-top option. Not only is the tree easy to setup and takedown, but it is the only artificial tree that is collapsible.