For the Body

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  • Lipstix ReMix


    a lipstick mold that combines used lipsticks into a new stick

  • Thin Gloss

    weight loss lip gloss

  • Hot Tot


    professional children’s hair products

  • Simple Sugars


    Simple Sugars is an all natural sugar scrub that nourishes and exfoliates the skin. It’s formulated to be gentle enough for daily use on even the most sensitive skin. The blend of all natural oils leave you feeling silky smooth without the need for additional lotion or moisturizer. Also available for Men, Simple Sugars provides body scrubs, facial scrubs, foot scrub and more. Oh and it smells wonderful too!

  • Bare Ease

    hair removal numbing cream and underwear

  • FoHawx

    a line of accessories that attach to safety helmets

  • Cashmere Hair

    Cashmere Hair offers award winning, luxury hair extensions. They are of the highest quality superior remy human hair and undetectable, looking like your real hair. Cashmere Hair extensions are easy to clip in, very comfortable and full in design. Women, if hair extensions are apart of your style try the quality in Cashmere Hair!

  • Alaska Glacial Mud Co

    a facial mask made from Alaskan glacial mud

  • MorningHead

    a cap for curing bed head hair

  • Cerebral Success


    a brain supplement designed to enhance focus, memory, and mental energy

  • Angellift


    facial lifting strips

  • Beardbrand

    While Lori Greiner does not get the beard thing, that doesn’t negate the fact Beardbrand created some solid grooming products for the lifestyle. Established in 2012, Beardbrand produces beard oils that are made from high quality all natural ingredients that soften, give shine and smell great.

  • SWAG Essentials

    From an award winning esthetician come Soap Washes and Grooming Essentials. SWAG for short, are soap products for men that exfoliate and moisturize sensitive skin to reduce razor burn and hair bumps. It’s natural, handcrafted, contains high quality ingredients and Barber and Physician approved.

  • Q Flex Acupressure

    Q Flex Acupressure

    Hot Product! Suffer from body soreness? Wife won’t give you a massage? A self acupressure massage device, the Q-Flex is designed to relieve common stress and tension by simply applying pressure to specific points of your body. It is light in weight, durable and so easy anyone can use it. The Q Flex Acupressure is made from high quality polycarbonate material which lets the device bend just enough without breaking.

  • Misfit Shine Activity Tracker and Sleep Monitor

    Misfit Shine Activity Tracker

    Sleek in design, minute in size and smart in functionality, the Misfit Shine Activity Tracker and Sleep Monitor is an amazing new device that measures all of your daily activities such as walking, running, swimming and cycling. It is a motivation tool that tracks your movement and activity while analyzing your progress along the way. The Misfit Shine is extremely cool and wearable technology that can be worn comfortably as a wrist band or can be worn around your waste, in your pocket, collar, neck and shoe. Pretty much anywhere it clips! With no charge required and up to 6 months of battery life (CR2032 coin cell battery included), The Misfit Shine Activity Tracker is a long lasting, durable and waterproof device perfect for any active or exercise enthusiast.

  • Napwell Sleeping Mask

    The World’s First Napping Mask. Fall asleep gently and wake up refreshed with Napwell Sleeping Mask.