For Men

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  • Wurkin Stiffs


    magnetic collar-stays

  • Broccoli Wad


    mafia-inspired money clip

  • Caddyswag

    drink cooler for golf bags

  • Original Man Candle

    masculine scented candles

  • Alpha M

    a how to dress for success DVD series for men

  • Tie Try

    a neck tie mail-order rental service

  • The Mission Belt


    This is the belt reinvented. The Mission Belt is modern, clean and offers a perfect fit for everyone. It also comes in many color variations. Rather then have holes that stretch or wear over time, The Mission Belt uses a ratcheting magnet that easily sizes up or down for a more waste-unique custom fit. By the way, for each belt purchased, a dollar is donated to fight global hunger.

  • Man Medals


    medals for men doing chores

  • Hammer & Nails

    a masculine nail salon

  • Beardbrand

    While Lori Greiner does not get the beard thing, that doesn’t negate the fact Beardbrand created some solid grooming products for the lifestyle. Established in 2012, Beardbrand produces beard oils that are made from high quality all natural ingredients that soften, give shine and smell great.

  • Man-Pack

    Men, do you wish you had a manly bag that you could use to hold all of your daily essentials? Man-Pack is your answer. It’s a multipurpose messenger bag for men. Man-Packs are available in either canvas or leather. They are designed to hold a laptop or tablet, a water bottle, flashlights, pens, and other various items.

  • Bottle Breacher


    Do you or someone you know have issues opening bottles with style? Bottle Breachers can help fix that with their handcrafted 50 caliber bottle openers. Not only do they look cool on their own, but they can look even better with some personalized engraving.

  • SWAG Essentials

    From an award winning esthetician come Soap Washes and Grooming Essentials. SWAG for short, are soap products for men that exfoliate and moisturize sensitive skin to reduce razor burn and hair bumps. It’s natural, handcrafted, contains high quality ingredients and Barber and Physician approved.

  • Bello Verde Custom Tailored Suits

    Bello Verde Custom Suits

    A “true custom clothier”, Bello Verde is focused on delivering you natural custom tailored suits fit using their 30-Point Fit Profile. By reviewing specific customer measurements and creating your own unique template, Bello Verde provides the most comprehensive service and well put together suit you’ll find on the market today.

  • Lumi T-Shirt Printing Kit

    shark-tank_0005_Lumi Printing Kit

    Want to design a shirt the modern way? Lumi Solar-powered t-shirt printing is the easiest way to print your own shirts and textiles. Featuring innovative, solar powered Inkodyne, Lumi is a printing kit that comes with everything you need print awesome, new-age patterns and colors on just about any clothing material you can get your hands on. Simply apply the ink for about 10 minutes on a nice sunny day and boom, done!

  • The Beebo


    The Beebo is a new hands-free way to bottle feed your baby, improving feeding and giving freeing your hands to eat, read, or just scratch your nose.