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  • eCreamery

    eCreamery Online Custom Ice Cream and Gelato Shop

    eCreamery is an online custom ice cream and gelato shop where you choose your own flavor, mix-ins, packaging and even right down to the name of the Ice Cream itself. With eCreamery, you do not have to rely on your resident Ice Cream Man. Now you can have it delivered right to your door. Send it to a friend or relative as a birthday gift, get well gift, as a congratulations for that job promotion and more.

  • Liz Lovely Cookies

    gluten free, vegan cookies

  • Back 9 Dips


    chicken flavored dip

  • Wired Waffles

    energy-boosting waffles. 12 pack.

  • Cousins Maine Lobster


    mobile food truck



    energy infused flavored water

  • The Bear & The Rat

    dog-friendly frozen yogurt

  • Ice Chips

    Ice Chips Xylitol Candy

    Candy that is good for you? Nahhh. YES! Ice Chips are a healthy xylitol, delicious, handcrafted hard candy that adult and children alike can enjoy. Created by two very hip grannies, Ice Chips originated in a garage in Yelm, Washington. Ice Chips offers a variety of juicy flavors including Berry Mix Tart, Peppermint, Licorice, Cinnamon, Lemon, Coffee and Cream and more!

  • Ruckpack

    RuckPack Energy Shot

    Looking for a legitimate energy drink? RuckPack is it. Created and tested by U.S. Special Operations Forces, RuckPack is an energy shot and nutritional supplement that redefines the energy drink. With 5g of Frutose, Vitamins B6 and B12 and Alpha GPC, RuckPack gives you an immediate short term boost of energy and peak performance nutrition. There is no caffeine or empty energy in these bottles, so you will avoid the shakes and jolts you’d sometimes get with other energy solutions.

  • Fat Ass Fudge

    a homemade fudge company

  • Coffee Joulies

    Coffee Joulies - Keep your coffee hot

    Coffee Joulies is an example of a KickStarter campaign done right, garnering about $300,000 more funding┬áthen asked. Joules is a capsule that absorbs and releases heat to keep warm beverages at the temperature you want for a longer period of time than we’re accustomed too. Great on beverages like coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more. If you’re like me and at times neglect your recently poured cup of coffee while working at the computer, this is the perfect solution.

  • Sub Zero Ice Cream

    an ice cream shop that creates fresh customized dishes that are instantly frozen using liquid nitrogen

  • Grinds


    Coffee lovers unite, this is a cool one. Grinds are small pouches of flavored coffee that help you stay stimulated and focused. A healthy alternative to chewing tobacco, Grinds has plenty of B-Vitamins and other important nutrients to get you through the day. Are you grinding yet?

  • My Cold Snap


    an individual ice chest for single cans

  • Gotta Have S’More

    s’more based muffins

  • How Do You Roll


    a create-your-own sushi restaurant