Food & Beverage

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  • Rumi Spice


    Rumi Spice offers exceptionally high-quality saffron of Afganistan which adds a burst of flavor to any dish. It graces the tables and kitchens of the best restaurants and retailers across the nation.

  • Apollo Peak


    Apollo Peak offers first non-alcoholic designer beverages for cats and dogs which contain organic herbs and are made from fresh beets. It allows pet parents to share a drink with their furry friend.

  • MealEnders

    MealEnders offers medicinal drug-less products that help you to beat overeating, master portion control and curb snacking. These products address the psychology of eating and help break the cycle of overeating and snacking.

  • Blendtique Wine Company


    Blendtique Wine Company offers one of a kind opportunity in the form of signature blending kit to people so that they can take part in the winemaking process -not simply to taste, but to blend, experiment, and even package a wine created thoughtfully by them. Customers can check out the blending process using the blending kits on their website, create their own blend selection and label, then have it shipped right to their door.


  • Ora Organic

    Ora Organic creates organic, plant-based nutrition which is made by and for healthy foodies to replace synthetic supplements with nutrients from organic & sustainable sources. It is not only delicious but also delicious in taste.


  • Peaceful Fruits

    Peaceful Fruits offers rainforest-friendly, fair trade and organic fruit snacks that are not only nutritious but also sustainable.

  • Chirps


    Chirps are sustainable and nutritious cricket flour-based chips which are made of stone-ground corn, beans, chia seeds, and of course cricket flour. They are not only gluten-free but also provide the most sustainable protein sources.

  • Victory Coffees

    Victory Coffees offer 5-Star coffee which is organically brewed and includes a selection of whole bean, ground or K-cups. Their service delivers this quality coffee right to the doorstep through multiple membership options at variable prices.

  • Pet Plate

    PetPlate is a pet food subscription service, which not only offers quality food made from gluten-free natural ingredients full of vitamins and minerals, but also delivers them straight to the your doorstep.


  • Nootrobox

    Nootrobox offers supplements and software for cognitive and human enhancement. It showcases chewable coffee products that not only boost memory, resilience, and clarity but also improves sleep patterns and brain protection.


  • EnergyBits

    EnergyBits offers algae tabs to eliminate fatigue and hunger. It delivers a boost of natural energy, without caffeine or harmful chemicals.


  • Jack’s Stands


    Jack’s Stands offers young entrepreneurs the opportunity to operate drink stands run by kids in great retail marketplaces, malls and farmers markets.


  • Chi’Lantro BBQ


    Chi’Lantro BBQ is a food truck which includes breakfast tacos, Korean BBQ offerings and various veggies and toppings. It is specialized in Korean BBQ which is a fusion of Korean and Mexican flavors.

  • Safe Catch Tuna

    Safe Catch invented technology to test every fish for mercury and provides low-mercury tuna in a can. and they do not add any fillers or other chemicals.

  • Joyce’s LuLu Bang

    Joyce’s Lulu Bang Sauces are used to enhance the flavor of any of your favorite foods, whether it’s fish, chicken, beef, pasta, rice or salads. Flavors include Asian Persuasion and BBQ Fusion among others.

  • Parker’s Maple

    Parker’s Maple is a line of maple syrup, maple butter, and other associated products. Parker produced his first bottle of Real Maple Syrup in 2009 when he was just 11 years old shortly after going on a field trip where he learned how to make maple syrup.