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  • Turbo Baster


    a cooking device for basting

  • Wake N Bacon

    alarm clock that wakes you up with fresh bacon

  • PlateTopper


    airtight plate cover

  • The Vermont Butcher Block & Board Company

    premium wooden kitchen products

  • Rapid Ramen Cooker


    a specially designed bowl for cooking ramen noodles

  • PowerPot


    a cooking pot that generates electricity as you heat up water

  • Baker’s Edge

    It all began with the love for corner brownies when inventor Matt Griffin came up with idea for Baker’s Edge. The Edge Brownie pan adds two chewy edges to every brownie, contains durable nonstick coating and round easy to clean corners. It’s professional grade heavy-gauge cast aluminum and 100% made in the USA. With the same unique perks, Baker’s Edge also offers the Simple Lasagna Pan for which has 50% more volume than the brownie pan.

  • Magiccook


    The Magiccook is a container that uses an instant heat pack to cook foods or liquids conveniently. It’s perfect for camping, fishing, hunting, boating, truck drivers, construction workers, field workers, hiking, at the office desk, anytime on the go, emergency situations and more.

  • Scratch & Grain Baking Company

    Scratch and Grain Baking Company Baking Kit

    Started by an unfortunate baking experience involving a mom, her kids and cookies that tasted like cardboard, Scratch & Grain Baking Company offers baking kits for amazingly delicious treats. Scratch & Grain Baking Company cookie kits contain all-natural and GMO-Free ingredients. Most of these ingredients are certified organic and kids won’t even taste the difference because they are that good. Some of the Scratch and Grain baking kit flavors include Chocolate Chip, Classic Sugar, Oatmeal Raisin, Snicker Doodle, Chocolate Truffle and Chewy Peanut Butter!

  • Funbites


    Are your kids picky when it comes to eating healthy food or any food in general you know they would like if they just tried it? Funbites gives you a fighting chance! Funbites food cutter turns normal food into bite-sized fun shaped your children can enjoy. Coming in a variety of cool shapes and colors, Funbites is strong, durable and made in the USA. They are perfect for pancakes, deli meat, grilled cheese, quesadillas, burgers and more!

  • ezpz Happy Mats


    EzPz happy mats are all-in-one placemat + plate that suctions to the table capturing kids’ messes and eliminating tipped bowls and spilled food. Kids and parents, (and therapists) love it.

  • Insta-Fire


    Insta-Fire is a fire starting material that is safe, can start a fire in any weather condition, and can be stored for decades for emergency preparedness or camping.

  • Biem Butter Sprayer


    The biēm Butter Sprayer is a device that turns any stick of butter into a spray, which can be used to butter toast, popcorn, muffin pans, grilled cheese and more. It is a first-of-its-kind kitchen tool that lets users convert a stick of real butter from solid to liquid spray in seconds. The new handheld device gives users a much more efficient way to use and enjoy real butter that was never possible before!

  • Safe Grabs


    SafeGrabs is a multi-use kitchen accessory. This silicone mat serves as both a splatter guard and pot holder. It can also be used as the jar opener, food cover, utensil rest, funnel, kids plate, sink drain cover and turntable protector.

  • Nomiku


    Nomiku is one of the innovative wifi home-cooking products that let people cook sous vide (or under vacuum and under a constant temperature) at home. It is an easy to use and affordable product that allows anyone to cook like a professional chef.

  • Cropsticks

    Cropsticks is an innovative utensil which is similar to classic chopsticks, but it features a built-in rest made from sustainable bamboo. Each pair comes wrapped in a sleeve made of recycled paper.