Clothing & Footwear

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  • Grace and Lace


    knitted boot socks

  • PurseCase


    mini purse cell phone case that carries your smartphone and a few essentials

  • RuffleButts and RuggedButts


    children’s clothing line

  • Kookn’ Kap

    a breathable, non-flammable cooking cap to keep aromas out of your hair

  • Stella Valle


    military-inspired costume jewelry

  • The Mission Belt


    This is the belt reinvented. The Mission Belt is modern, clean and offers a perfect fit for everyone. It also comes in many color variations. Rather then have holes that stretch or wear over time, The Mission Belt uses a ratcheting magnet that easily sizes up or down for a more waste-unique custom fit. By the way, for each belt purchased, a dollar is donated to fight global hunger.

  • Rootsuit

    novelty cover-all costumes

  • Jeska Shoe Company


    shoes that can change look and style

  • Psi Bands

    an acupressure wrist band for relieving nausea

  • Proof Eyewear

    Proof eyewear are handcrafted sunglasses made from wood framing that at one point started as a seed in the ground and grew into a tree. The process of building each frame is handled by skilled artisans that have a deep passion and skill for wood making.

  • Hip Chixs

    premium denim jeans

  • Muddy Water Camo

    more realistic camouflage for duck hunters

  • Hoodie Pillow


    Crafted from premium sweatshirt material, Hoodie Pillow is pure bliss, comfort and traveler’s dream. The oversized hood allows for privacy and blocks light, while the memory foam pillow naturally allows your head and neck to rest. A perfect gift for a businessman or college student always on the go.

  • The Green Garmento

    an eco-friendly garment bag

  • Xero Shoes

    Xero Shoes Barefoot Running Sandals

    Studies have shown that being barefoot is better for your body and for your mind. With Xero Shoes Sandals you can abide by this mantra. A modern spin on traditional barefoot running, Xero Shoes are the most comfortable, versatile sandals on the market today. They are non slip, lightweight and protect your feet. Xero Shoes Sandals come in a variety of styles/colors and are available for men and women

  • Bibbitec Baby Bibs

    Bibbitec Baby Bib

    The first, the last and the only bib you will ever need. Bibbitec Baby Bibs creates high quality bibs and smocks for all ages, covering the body, keeping clothes clean and messes to a minimum. These clothe-like wearable bibs are washer machine friendly and is intended to last the whole week, replacing the need to go through 5 normal bibs per day.