Clothing & Footwear

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  • The Lapel Project


    The Lapel Project revolutionizes men’s fashion with a patent-pending application that converts a suit into a tuxedo – no more renting a used tux, or buying one that you’ll never use again.

  • ISlides

    ISlides are personalized slide sandals. You can customize them with pictures, mantras, or team logos to represent your life or sport in comfort and style.

  • Pavlok

    Pavlok is a device that uses small electrical shocks to break bad habits.

  • Yourself Expression

    Yourself Expression creates interchangeable accessories like bracelets, necklaces and rings that allow you to decide what’s in and on them to personalize it as often as you like.

  • FashionTap

    FashionTap is a social networking app to help sell fashion and beauty products.

  • Beloved Shirts

    Beloved Shirts sells shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, and more with all-over printings of outrageous, funny, and bizarre images like pizza, unicorns, cats and more.

  • Rags to Raches


    Rags to Raches creates a hot line of kids rompers and other fun t-shirts and outfits for your kids and you.

  • TutuBlue

    Tutublue is a one piece beach suit with built-in UPF50 fabric to protect you from the sun and look stylish at the same time.

  • MTailor

    MTailor sells men’s custom clothing by measuring you with your phone’s camera.

  • R Riveter


    R. Riveter offers purses and accessories “made by the hand of spouses wherever the military takes them”.

  • Combat Flip Flops


    Veteran owned and operated, Combat Flip Flops is on a mission to create peaceful, forward-thinking opportunities for self-determined entrepreneurs affected by conflict.

  • BearTek

    BearTek are smartgloves with bluetooth that allow you to wirelessly control your phone, music, GoPro camera, and more while you ski, play or work.

  • Shefit


    Shefit® creates adjustable sports bras that really work for women of all sizes and athletic levels.

  • Total Tie Keep

    The Total Tie Keep is a small, hidden clothing accessory that links the tie loosely to the shirt to control and prevent bad tie behavior and keep you looking sharp and professional.

  • Beard Head

    Beard Head creates unique, fun and functional hats and beanies with hand-knit detachable beard facemasks – perfect for skiing without freezing your face.

  • Umano


    Umano takes kids art and makes high quality shirts and then gives backpacks for kids to empower them to unleash their creativity.