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  • Baby Loves Disco

    children’s party entertainment

  • Addison’s Wonderland

    customized children’s bedspreads

  • CuddleTunes

    a teddy bear that plays personalized messages

  • Bibbitec Baby Bibs

    Bibbitec Baby Bib

    The first, the last and the only bib you will ever need. Bibbitec Baby Bibs creates high quality bibs and smocks for all ages, covering the body, keeping clothes clean and messes to a minimum. These clothe-like wearable bibs are washer machine friendly and is intended to last the whole week, replacing the need to go through 5 normal bibs per day.

  • Cool Wazoo


    the Original 5-in-1 Convertible Baby Changing Pad, Swing Insert, Highchair Cover, Car Shade and Shopping Cart Cover.

  • FuzziBunz

    According to, in one year your newborn baby with go through over 2700 diapers. If you have twins like myself, that’s over 5,000 diapers (not an exaggeration) in one year alone. Whoa. With fuzzibunz you’re choosing the opposite of this. Cloth diapers that are both comfortable and economical.

  • Lollacup

    Lollacup Sippy Cup

    An innovative and stylish straw sippy cup, Lollacup makes it simple for infants and toddlers to drink from the straw, even when the cup has been tilted. Lollacup is designed to be an easy to hold, effective sippy cup for your young one. It’s dishwasher safe and no problem to clean. Made in the USA and FDA approved, the Lollacup comes in a variety of colors.

  • Cover Play


    a slip cover for children’s travel play yards