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  • Petnostics


    Petnostics allows you to check your pet’s health instantly with this app and kit featured on Shark Tank

  • SworkIt


    Sworkit a fitness app that allows you to customize workouts for the amount of time you have for strength, yoga, pilates and stretching routines requiring no equipment.

  • MTailor

    MTailor sells men’s custom clothing by measuring you with your phone’s camera.

  • Hatch Baby


    Hatch Baby is a baby changing station with scale and feeding/diaper/more tracker all-in-one, that tracks all your baby health info and gives it to you in an app for your phone to help you track your baby’s health and growth.

  • XCraft – X PlusOne


    XCraft makes the X PlusOne and the PhoneDrone. The XPlusOne can self control and follow a flight plan. The Phone Drone will use your phone as the brains and follow you, take pics, and is an inexpensive entry into the UAV world.

  • Valpark Mobile

    ValPark is an app that helps manage parking operations for valet, parking garages, and event parking.

  • Splikity

    Splikity is software that syncs all of your devices and uses military encryption to remember all your passwords so you don’t have to. It even creates strong passwords for you so you’re even more secure than using your favorite password everywhere.

  • iCPooch


    It’s hard to travel when you have a lovable puppy at home, especially when he/she cannot come along for the journey. Now there is a way to communicate and interact with your puppy while being states away. Introducing iCPooch, an innovative way to not only chat with your puppy, but also dispense treats for him/her.

  • Doorman Delivery Service

    Doorman Delivery Shark Tank

    Never miss a package delivery ever again! Doorman Delivery Service allows you to schedule deliveries as late as midnight, 7 days a week! Perfect it you work late or do not want to be strapped to the inconvenient traditional delivery times. Try your first package for free with the Doorman Delivery Service app.

  • Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App

    Coffee Meets Bagel

    While it is easy to say “yet” another dating app, contrast to the hookup friendly Blendr and Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel offers another take at the realm of online dating. The concept of Coffee Meets Bagel is simply getting setup with a profile and networking through your social circle of friends to find a potential love interest. It takes out the arguably strange and shameful stigma that comes with the territory of online dating, and instead brings in a bit of that human element. It can virtually be compared to meeting a friend of a friend at a dinner party.

  • EmergenSee

    a personal security system smartphone app

  • Foot Fairy


    an iPad app which measures your child’s foot size

  • Cheek’d

    a unique dating service

  • Cycloramic


    app that takes 360-degree pictures by making an iPhone spin itself around

  • GrooveBook


    a service that creates photobooks from your smartphone photos

  • Magic Moments

    iPhone application that allows you to put your photos on products that you can sell