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  • Grease Bags


    Grease Bags is an innovative eco-friendly product that allows people to dispose of their used cooking grease and at the same time, help protect the environment.




  • Mamas Milkbox

    Mama’s Milkbox is a breastfeeding apparel subscription service which provides high-quality breastfeeding fashion to moms who want to look good, feel good, and easily breastfeed their babies.





  • NicePipes Apparel

    NicePipes Apparel offers exclusive athletic leg and arm warmers perfect for any workout and designed for the fit and fashionable.


  • PinBlock


    PinBlock offers an innovative way to build structures and do art with mini blocks that stack and rotate.

  • Chirps


    Chirps are sustainable and nutritious cricket flour-based chips which are made of stone-ground corn, beans, chia seeds, and of course cricket flour. They are not only gluten-free but also provide the most sustainable protein sources.

  • Vibes

    Vibes are quality high-fidelity earplugs designed for live music. They enhance the live-sound experience by allowing us to hear the music exactly the way it intended to be heard without the damaging level of sounds.

  • PopUp Play


    PopUp play is a 3D touch-based app that helps kids to create their own custom toys on demand. With this, the next generation of architects and engineers can discover the joy of building and designing since age three.


  • Getaway House

    Getaway is a service that provides instant cabin in the form of tiny houses for disconnecting from daily routine life so that we can recharge ourselves and enjoy the beauty of nature.


  • The Kooler


    The Kooler is a Kooler within a kooler and is designed to hold your pre-workout, workout and post-workout drinks. The outer cooler holds one gallon and the remaining space is taken up by shaker bottles, which each hold 23 ounces.

  • Little Nomad

    Little Nomad offers foam play mats that are not only beautiful but also practical. These mats connect seamlessly and can even be used as a soft flooring solution.

  • RinseKit


    RinseKit is the revolutionary portable shower system with a pressurized capacity without pumping or batteries. This pressurized spray lasts for up to four minutes and is ideal for a quick rinse off for both humans and animals alike.

  • dbest products


    dbest products offer perfect lightweight, collapsible cart which is most suitable for storage and packaging. They also include collapsible coolers, collapsible pet carriers, folding dollys and folding backpacks.

  • Firefighter Turnout Bag


    Firefighter Turnout Bag recycles expired firefighter gear and creates stylish bags from it.

  • Tranquilo Mat


    Tranquilo is a vibrating mat that calms crying babies by mimicking the sounds and motions of the womb. The mat activates a baby’s calming response with comforting heartbeat vibrations combined with white sound, helping to create much-needed sleep for parents and baby.

  • Doc Spartan


    Doc Spartan produces all natural skin and beard products. This business donates a portion of their proceeds to Team Some Assembly Required.

  • Peaceful Fruits

    Peaceful Fruits offers rainforest-friendly, fair trade and organic fruit snacks that are not only nutritious but also sustainable.