Season 7

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  • XCraft – X PlusOne


    XCraft makes the X PlusOne and the PhoneDrone. The XPlusOne can self control and follow a flight plan. The Phone Drone will use your phone as the brains and follow you, take pics, and is an inexpensive entry into the UAV world.

  • Three Jerks Beef Jerky


    Beef jerky made with filet mignon. Amazing meat, not that stuff that gouges your gums and makes your teeth beg for mercy. It comes it unique flavors and and no nitrates, gluten, or preservatives.

  • Switch Witch

    Switch Witch helps parents start a new Halloween tradition of exchanging some of their candy for a gift.

  • The Skinny Mirror

    The Skinny Mirror will become the favorite mirror for many women because it gives a slimming reflection of 5-10 pounds that works on the psyche over time.

  • Table 87 Coal Oven Pizza


    Table 87 Coal Oven Pizza – Home Of The Coal Oven Slice. Finally you can enjoy coal oven pizza anytime anywhere, freezer to plate in minutes.

  • Milk + Brookies

    Milk + Brookies is the home of the brookie – brownie-cookie mash-ups that can best be described as brownies topped with cookies or the justification for eating two desserts at once.

  • EZ Pee Z

    EZPeeZ is a standard toilet seat that with a simple flip of the lid converts to a child size seat making potty training as EZ as 1,2…Pee!

  • Dude Wipes


    Dude Wipes are flushable wipes that are naturally soothing, paraben free, fragrance free & hypoallergenic – and they’re flushable & biodegradable.

  • Valpark Mobile

    ValPark is an app that helps manage parking operations for valet, parking garages, and event parking.

  • Two Guys Bowtie Company


    Two Guys Bow Ties has recreated fashion by bringing wood into style, making bow ties, pocket squares, lapel flowers, and wood brimmed fedoras from rare and exotic pieces of hardwood.

  • Nerdwax

    Nerdwax is a beeswax based blend created and formulated to keep your glasses in place while you live your life.

  • Foot Cardigan


    Foot Cardigan is a monthly subscription to socks – crazy socks for adults, kids, girls and boys. Creative designs and colors to make your feet happy.

  • Splikity

    Splikity is software that syncs all of your devices and uses military encryption to remember all your passwords so you don’t have to. It even creates strong passwords for you so you’re even more secure than using your favorite password everywhere.

  • O’Dang Hummus


    O’Dang Hummus created dairy free, oil free salad dressing/sauce that is not only healthy but tastes dang good too. Flavors like Ranch, Caesar, Bomb-a-licious Buffalo Wing, and Hummy Mustard, they are sure to be a hit.

  • Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions

    Mikki Bey bring her celebrity approved eye lash extensions into the Shark Tank looking to grow. These are not false lashes, these are extensions, and Mikki Bey is in demand. Can she get a deal?

  • SignalVault


    SignalVault protects your credit cards, driver license, and passports and anything with RFID from being stolen by hackers. The cards fit in your wallet and detect hacking and hide your cards from hackers so they cant be read and stolen. No batteries required.