Season 7

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  • IllumiBowl


    IllumiBowl is a motion-activated toilet night light that fits on any toilet and gives the inner bowl a glow when you walk into the bathroom at night so that you don’t have to turn on bright lights, stumble in the dark, or worse, miss the bowl.

  • Innovation Pet


    Innovation Pet creates upscale, modular designed pet play things, and pens.

  • Mobcraft Beer

    MobCraft is a crowdsourced craft brewery that turns your ideas into beer by letting fans vote on (pre-order) user submitted ideas and then brewing the winning beers and shipping them to those that pre-ordered!

  • Beer Blizzard


    The Beer Blizzard is a plastic ice cube specifically designed to fit into the bottom of any beer or soda can on the market.

  • The Good Promise

    The Good Promise makes portable, affordable veggie drinks and post-workout drinks that are light, and have great tasting servings of veggies, so you can have a healthy drink.

  • Vengo


    Vengo creates high-tech vending machines that hang on the wall and can carry any type of small product and go perfect in high traffic, high end spaces.

  • Wondercide


    Wondercide makes non-toxic alternatives to chemical pesticides used on pets, people, and property – like flea and tick spray, insect repellant, and other solutions.

  • PrideBites


    Custom blankets, beds, collars, toys, and even clothes for your favorite dog – stop dragging your dog around without any clothes!

  • Trobo


    TROBOs are plushy robot friends wirelessly connected to your iPad or iPhone (no android yet). The plush TROBO’s speaks as it reads stories and becomes friends with your child.

  • TheNoPhone

    The NoPhone is a fake phone to help you overcome that obsessive need to check your texts, Facebook, Instagram feeds, or stick your nose in a tiny screen instead of having human contact.

  • Coolbox


    The Coolbox is a Tool Box with added features and functions – battery, clock, whiteboard, light, wheels, magnetic lid and bottle opener – that make all your projects easier, safer and more fun.

  • Petnostics


    Petnostics allows you to check your pet’s health instantly with this app and kit featured on Shark Tank

  • Frends

    Frends demoed a collection of fashionable electronic accessories, specifically headsets with interchangeable designer looks on Shark Tank.

  • popSLATE

    popSlate is a smartphone case that adds a rear second screen with quick access to data that you program on it so you don’t have to keep turning on your phone to check apps.

  • Slyde Handboards


    Slyde Handboards make small wave riding boards that straps to your hand and allow you to ride waves anytime even without your surfboard.

  • The Drip Drop


    The Drip Drop is an edible waffle cone ring designed to catch drips from an ice cream cone.