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  • ezpz Happy Mats


    EzPz happy mats are all-in-one placemat + plate that suctions to the table capturing kids’ messes and eliminating tipped bowls and spilled food. Kids and parents, (and therapists) love it.

  • Hungry Harvest


    Hungry Harvest sources produce that would normally go to waste and recaptures it to and delivers it to reduce food waste and feed hungry families.

  • Sprëtz

    Spretz is the first all natural 2-in-1 spray freshener that delivers a powerful mist of freshness to both your breath and your hands – good for removing unwanted odors associated with cheese, garlic, smoke, coffee and fish.

  • Hatch Baby


    Hatch Baby is a baby changing station with scale and feeding/diaper/more tracker all-in-one, that tracks all your baby health info and gives it to you in an app for your phone to help you track your baby’s health and growth.

  • Beard King


    Beard King is an accessory that allows you to trim your beard and keep all the clippings from going everywhere – like the soap, toothbrushes, floor – and making clean up simple and easy.

  • Fixed


    Fixed is the easiest way to deal with a traffic ticket – submit your ticket and if they can help you, they’ll let you know and get the ticket and point dismissed. Fast & Free Ticket Review. Attorneys from $150. 90% success rate.

  • Village Scholarships

    Village Scholarships is an online peer-to-peer scholarship website that allows anyone to create a college scholarship/grant and students can apply for them.

  • 2400 Prep Expert


    Prep Expert (formerly 2400 Expert) is an SAT & ACT test preparation service created and run by someone who actually scored a perfect 2400 on the SATs.

  • CO.Alition

    CO.ALITION makes backpacks for tech folks by integrating a power supply and more into the functional designs.

  • IcyBreeze

    The IcyBreeze is a cooler slash portable air conditioner – perfect for camping, boating, sports, tailgating, travel, and emergency relief.

  • Shefit


    Shefit® creates adjustable sports bras that really work for women of all sizes and athletic levels.

  • BearTek

    BearTek are smartgloves with bluetooth that allow you to wirelessly control your phone, music, GoPro camera, and more while you ski, play or work.

  • Combat Flip Flops


    Veteran owned and operated, Combat Flip Flops is on a mission to create peaceful, forward-thinking opportunities for self-determined entrepreneurs affected by conflict.

  • Major Mom

    Major Mom® is a residential organizing service company that helps you get organized in your home, office, or garage.

  • R Riveter


    R. Riveter offers purses and accessories “made by the hand of spouses wherever the military takes them”.

  • Bee Free Honee


    Bee Free Honee® is a plant-based, honey substitute made from organic apples grown in the USA.