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  • National Association of Bubble Soccer

    The National Association of Bubble Soccer rents, sells, and provides official rules for bubble soccer leagues in over 35 cities in the USA.

  • SockTABS


    SockTABs is a solution to the missing sock. Put them on your socks before or after wearing them, and when you wash them, they will come out together.

  • Umano


    Umano takes kids art and makes high quality shirts and then gives backpacks for kids to empower them to unleash their creativity.

  • Glow Recipe


    Glow Recipe is a platform to help women all over the world to look more beautiful by identifying, curating, and bringing to market best-of-breed products and skincare secrets from Korea, the modern epicenter of beauty innovation.

  • Leaux Racing Trikes

    The Leaux Racing Trike is a new creation with three wheels and a reclined seat. It’s a tricycle but made for racing.

  • Sarah Oliver Handbags


    Sarah Oliver Handbags offers purses, clutches and shoulder bags that are hand knit by a fabulous team of senior knitters.

  • Trunkster


    Trunkster is luggage featuring a sliding door for zipper-less entry and even a charging station for your phone.

  • Beard Head

    Beard Head creates unique, fun and functional hats and beanies with hand-knit detachable beard facemasks – perfect for skiing without freezing your face.

  • GeekMyTree


    GeekMyTree makes electronic lights that make it easy to bring the fun and excitement of extreme outdoor light shows inside to the family Christmas tree.

  • Lovepop


    More than just a greeting card, lovepops feature an intricate laser-cut, hand-crafted 3D pop-up sculpture that tells them you really care.

  • PiperWai


    PiperWai is a uniquely effective natural charcoal paste deodorant for both men and women.

  • ABS Protein Pancakes


    ABS Protein Pancakes allows you to enjoy delicious flavored pancakes with 26g of protein and 6 grams of carbs for each pancake.

  • Extreme Sandbox


    Extreme Sandbox is a Heavy Equipment Adventure company that lets clients play on construction equipment.

  • Fire Avert


    FireAvert syncs to your smoke alarm and when smoke is detected, it turns off your stove.

  • Total Tie Keep

    The Total Tie Keep is a small, hidden clothing accessory that links the tie loosely to the shirt to control and prevent bad tie behavior and keep you looking sharp and professional.

  • Controlled Chaos


    Controlled Chaos Hair Creme enhances and supports your curly hair to give you soft, defined, bouncy, shiny curls with all natural ingredients.