Season 7

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  • Switch Witch

    Switch Witch helps parents start a new Halloween tradition of exchanging some of their candy for a gift.

  • Three Jerks Beef Jerky


    Beef jerky made with filet mignon. Amazing meat, not that stuff that gouges your gums and makes your teeth beg for mercy. It comes it unique flavors and and no nitrates, gluten, or preservatives.

  • XCraft – X PlusOne


    XCraft makes the X PlusOne and the PhoneDrone. The XPlusOne can self control and follow a flight plan. The Phone Drone will use your phone as the brains and follow you, take pics, and is an inexpensive entry into the UAV world.

  • HotShot Coffee

    Hotshot is HOT coffee and HOT chocolate in a single serve can that’s heated and stored hot in the HotBox – a HOT Fridge. It’s HOT grab-n-go drinks that are always perfect temperature, always ready.

  • Rent Like a Champion


    Rent Like a Champion is the AirBnB for college games, graduation ceremonies, etc. They provide private home rentals near campus in college towns around the country so you can have a place to stay when you go see your favorite college sports game, or see your favorite college kid graduate.

  • Stem Center USA


    STEM Center USA develops a passion for STEM careers with activities for middle and high school students.

  • Windcatcher


    Windcatcher Technology creates inflatable outdoor and travel gear products which use a patented rapid inflation technology to allow them to inflate in seconds, without any power or pumping.

  • Clean Cube

    Clean Cube is a cleaning, delivery service for buildings so renters can drop off and pick up laundry without leaving the building or finding a shop.

  • Saavy Naturals


    Saavy Naturals is Artisan Body Care that’s 100% natural, and made from 100% food grade ingredients. Our entire line is also Vegan, Gluten-free, Soy-free, non-GMO, and Palm-free. Good for your skin and a feast for your senses.

  • Simply Fit Board


    The Simply Fit Board is a workout balance board that twists. Designed to be a fun workout that targets your waist and muffin top, improves balance and strengthens your core. Can be used in a variety of workouts.

  • Wink Frozen Desserts

    Wink Frozen Deserts is a non-dairy, non-gluten, healthy alternative for ice cream. They have 10 very cool flavors and most are only 100 calories for an entire pint.

  • AFreSheet

    AfreSHeet is the world’s first and only fitted sheet with seven soft, waterproof peel away layers. If you soil the sheet, INSTANTLY peel away that layer to reveal a new one below.

  • Grip Clean


    Grip Clean is an all-natural industrial strength hand soap – made with dirt – created by three-time XGames medalist Bryce Hudson.

  • Polar Pro


    PolarPro manufactures accessories and snap-on filters for GoPros, drones, and cell phones. All battle-tested by the action sports founders.

  • UnShrinkIt


    Unshrinkit is the emergency sweater saver. Its patent-pending solution unshrinks shrunken wool clothing. Each bottle of Unshrinkit is hand safe, color safe, and sweater safe.

  • Brazi Bites


    Brazi Bites brings one of Brazil’s most popular snack food to the U.S. – Brazilian Cheese Bread, or “pao de queijo,” in Portuguese.