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  • Reviver


    Reviver offers freshening wipes for masking odors on clothing from the likes of smoking, that morning workout, and lunch at the Fish House. These wipes are for your clothes what gum is for your breath. Reviver also has wipes available for household pets that don’t take too kindly to bath time.

  • Jungle JumpaRoo

    Jungle Jumparoo is that backyard play structure that all the kids in the neighborhood gravitate to. Perfect for all ages to climb, swing, bounce and jump all at the same time, the Jungle Jumparoo has a safe sturdy base and encourages fun exercise for children. 10 minutes jumping on this thing is the equivalent to 33 minutes running.

  • The Caddy Girls

    a company that provides all-female golf caddys

  • The Red Dress Boutique


    an online mail-order service for afforable, fashionable outfits

  • Sun-Staches


    Got a party to attend, but want to hide your everyday identity – Sun Staches has what you need – sunglasses with mustaches – novelty sunglasses with attached facial accessories.

  • Oilerie USA

    a chain of specialty olive oil stores

  • Honeyfund


    a crowdfunding service that allows wedding guests to donate money toward the honeymoon trip rather than purchase traditional gifts

  • EmergenSee

    a personal security system smartphone app

  • BeatBox Beverages


    Beatbox is an innovative, vibrant wine based cocktail compacted into a nifty old school boom box looking thing. Made with orange wine, each BeatBox contains over 7 bottles worth of mixed drink. It comes in Blue Razzberry Lemonade, Crandberry Limeade, Box A’Rita and Texas Sweet Tea flavors. Let’s get this party started.

  • Titin


    Titin is a comfortable, weighted workout shirt perfect for the fitness buff. It is naturally fitted and geared to focus on the surrounding upper body major muscle groups. Titin is mentioned to noticeably increase your endurance, running speed and overall athleticism.

  • SingTrix

    The guys that created Guitar Hero whipped up another gem with SingTrix. SingTrix is a decked out karaoke system with pitch correction technology and includes various vocal effects to make you sound like a legitimate rock star. You no longer have to down the hard stuff just to gather the courage to sing a few tunes.

  • Beardbrand

    While Lori Greiner does not get the beard thing, that doesn’t negate the fact Beardbrand created some solid grooming products for the lifestyle. Established in 2012, Beardbrand produces beard oils that are made from high quality all natural ingredients that soften, give shine and smell great.

  • Myself Belts


    a velcro belt specially designed for young children

  • The Natural Grip


    Natural Grips were designed to protect your palms from rips when lifting weights and crossfit training. The grips are made from a 100% zinc oxide cotton tape and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. a hand grip designed to help the user better handle fitness equipment

  • Priority One Canine

    Ever wished you could have a bodyguard to protect you and your loved ones? Priorty One Canine offers professionally trained canine bodyguards. The dogs are not simply guard dogs but are well-trained family pets.

  • Man-Pack

    Men, do you wish you had a manly bag that you could use to hold all of your daily essentials? Man-Pack is your answer. It’s a multipurpose messenger bag for men. Man-Packs are available in either canvas or leather. They are designed to hold a laptop or tablet, a water bottle, flashlights, pens, and other various items.