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  • Echo Valley Meats


    Specializing in “old fashion butcher shop” quality, Echo Valley Meats provides award winning meats out of Peoria, Illinois for the virtual gourmet online market. Its founder, Dave Alwan, is a third generation cattleman/farmer/businessman, who’s made it his mission to provide the best hams, smoked sausages, and other meats. He has traveled to Germany and Denmark to be trained by the best, and it shows! Although it primarily deals in high-quality meats, it also sells homemade cheese spreads, cinnamon roasted nuts, and cookie dough. You might have already gotten a taste of Echo Valley Meats as a product on Shark Tank, you can also go download their catalog to settle your cravings!

  • Sleeping Baby


    Any parent who has been through the rounds of raising a newborn knows how important swaddling a baby is. Swaddling is the art of snugly wrapping a baby in a blanket for warmth and security, imitating their environment in the womb. Sleeping Baby is fantastic because it’s swaddle-like, easy and wearable ready to go sleepwear.

  • Hammer & Nails

    a masculine nail salon

  • Amber

    a cellphone charging station

  • Bombas


    Bombas are really REALLY comfortable and quite possibly the only socks you’ll ever want to wear for the rest of your life. Bombas are offered in ankle and calf form and they come in different sizes. There is an assortment of colors and they are available for Men, Women and Kids.

  • Roominate


    Roominate is a brain stimulating, award winning toy perfect for aspiring young kids who love to learn and have fun. It is affiliated with STEM, touching on critical thinking within the Science, Tech, Engineering and Math fields. Roominate is toted as an open-ended version of LEGOs.

  • The Floating Mug Co.

    Grand in idea yet simple and functional in design, The Floating Mug is a smart mug that lets moisture roll down the side instead of building up liquid and spilling on you at the base. This is an absolute winner of a gift, especially for folks who have grown accustom to coffee spillage while on the go or at the office desk.

  • Wedding Wagon

    a van used as a mobile wedding chapel

  • Kronos


    For all you golfers who happen to be Kill Bill fans, Kronos is like the Hattori Hanzo of golf putters. For anyone else who doesn’t get the reference, Kronos are beautifully designed, hand polished, premium built, golf putters. They are assembled by the world’s finest craftsmen using only the best techniques with the highest quality materials. Not all putters are created equally.

  • SoapSox Washcloths

    SoapSox washcloths are plush toys and the next generation of bath time washcloths for kids. Invented by two dads and approved by moms everywhere, your kids will have fun in the bath with these soft, vibrant and colorful animal characters and get clean at the same time. Great for the nervous little bathers.

  • Heart Pup Dog Carrier


    Heart Pup is a fashionable, convenient and wearable scarf sling made from Italian cashmere wool. The dog sling comes with ergonomic wide knit fabric straps on both shoulders and holds your pet handsfree up to 26 pounds. With a Heart Pup dog carrier, take your best animal friend out and about with you where ever you go.

  • Ninja Cards Throwing Game

    Like darts? Like Ninjas? Well then do we have the perfect recreational activity for you. Ninja Cards is an addictive target card throwing game that is fun for all ages. The game comes with one 24×24 board and one pack of 15 throwing cards.

  • DrumPants Wearable Musical Instrument Pants

    With touch sensors you wear on your body, DrumPants is wearable technology that triggers over 100 built-in sounds including percussion, synthesizers, pianos and more. Jam anywhere with your headphones or external speakers and record your beats via apps like Loopy. Use DrumPants to play music in new ways and change the way you interact while out in the world today!

  • FunCakes Rental

    fake wedding cakes

  • Paper Box Pilots


    It really it true that all kids can have fun with a cardboard box. The possibilities are endless. Paper Box Pilots expands on this idea with their cardboard kits (includes box, stickers, guide and plans) that build out to look like a real airplane, firetruck and race car. Your kids will love it.

  • Table Jacks

    a way to fix wobbly tables