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  • The Mission Belt


    This is the belt reinvented. The Mission Belt is modern, clean and offers a perfect fit for everyone. It also comes in many color variations. Rather then have holes that stretch or wear over time, The Mission Belt uses a ratcheting magnet that easily sizes up or down for a more waste-unique custom fit. By the way, for each belt purchased, a dollar is donated to fight global hunger.

  • Tremont Electric nPower PEG

    nPower PEG

    The world’s 1st human-powered charger for your hand-held electronic devices. Placed in your backpack, briefcase, or purse, the nPower® PEG harvests your kinetic energy as you walk, run, or bike, storing it for use wherever, whenever you need it. Now you can extend the use time of your cell phone, Mp3 player, GPS, and other devices without searching for a wall outlet.

  • Wicked Good Cupcakes

    Wicked Good Cupcakes

    Wicked Good Cupcakes is probably all you need to say to describe these cupcakes. Moist, decadent and layered with a variety of fillings, each cupcake comes topped with Wicked Good Cupcakes’ famous frosting. The cupcake is packed inside a jar, containing no preservatives and lasts up to 10 days without any sort of refrigeration. Yummy!

  • Shell Bobbers

    Shell Bobbers Fishing

    Shell Bobbers was initially an idea spawned when two best friends, Jeff and Dusty were out on a boat duck hunting. After discharging their shotgun, they noticed the empty shell floating straight up in the water. ‘AHA!’. Made in the USA, Shell Bobbers comes 3 in a pack and is perfect for the Bobber Fisher or even as a gift for the fishing enthusiast.

  • Gobie H2O


    advanced filtered water bottles

  • Rootsuit

    novelty cover-all costumes

  • Echo Valley Meats


    Specializing in “old fashion butcher shop” quality, Echo Valley Meats provides award winning meats out of Peoria, Illinois for the virtual gourmet online market. Its founder, Dave Alwan, is a third generation cattleman/farmer/businessman, who’s made it his mission to provide the best hams, smoked sausages, and other meats. He has traveled to Germany and Denmark to be trained by the best, and it shows! Although it primarily deals in high-quality meats, it also sells homemade cheese spreads, cinnamon roasted nuts, and cookie dough. You might have already gotten a taste of Echo Valley Meats as a product on Shark Tank, you can also go download their catalog to settle your cravings!

  • Liddup


    a cooler with interior LED lighting

  • CoolWraps


    shrink wrap gift bags

  • Simple Sugars


    Simple Sugars is an all natural sugar scrub that nourishes and exfoliates the skin. It’s formulated to be gentle enough for daily use on even the most sensitive skin. The blend of all natural oils leave you feeling silky smooth without the need for additional lotion or moisturizer. Also available for Men, Simple Sugars provides body scrubs, facial scrubs, foot scrub and more. Oh and it smells wonderful too!

  • Traditional Fisheries

    a company that promotes consumption of lionfish, an extremely invasive species, in an effort to help the ecology

  • Drop Stop


    Ever accidentally drop a quarter or a precious curly fry in between the crevices of your car seats? Another one of Lori Griener’s heroes, Drop Stop does exactly what it says and prevents objects from annoyingly falling between those hard to reach places of your vehicle.

  • CordaRoy’s


    bean bag chairs that convert into beds and that never go flat

  • CellHelmet

    mobile device cases and screen protectors that include device repair service

  • Lose 12 Inches With Any 12 Workouts


    a fitness program that teaches how to improve workout efficiency and an exercise machine

  • Baby Loves Disco

    children’s party entertainment